Maternity women innerwear, bow ties for men and other gifting options for new parents!

Embracing parenthood is one of the best feelings in the world, and no matter whether you were mentally prepared for this from the day one of pregnancy or not, once those little hands touch you for the first time, the parents know that God has blessed them with the most precious thing on the planet. Moreover, all the close family and friends of the new mom and dad are equally excited to welcome and celebrate this new entrant into the family. However, deciding on the right gifts for the new parents is a tough task. So, we have got you some stunning options from luxury women's innerwear, hampers for the baby, bow ties for men, and everything in between.

Before we dive deep into the blog, let's understand the changing scenario in society. Unlike before, when a majority of women were only homemakers, today an equal number of women are working alongside their side responsibilities. Thus, many of our gifting options listed below revolve around them.

Luxury Women Innerwear

If you are a close friend or sister to the new mom, you can consider gifting them some high-end maternity women innerwear and activewear. After the childbirth, the woman's boobs, the tummy area (in case of C-Section) and the vaginal area (in case of normal delivery) become extremely sensitive in the coming months. You can get her some high-end maternity lingerie that works under leisurewear as well outerwear apparel. Also, if you plan on this gifting option, understand the vital parameters to consider while buying maternity lingerie because you do not want your gifts to make the wearer uncomfortable in any minutest way.

Baby Bedding

If you do not know, let me tell you, baby bedding, mattresses, baby quilts and other sleeping essentials for a newborn are as expensive as the adult versions. Do not let the small size fool you. Many high-end brands sell sleeping essentials for newborns that are more expensive than for adults. Thus, you can help the parents here, by getting their baby bedding essentials according to your pocket range. We are talking only about realistic and utility gifting options here, so this one is a good option to consider. However, like the maternity women's innerwear, consider the quality in terms of fabric and comfort level as the most important needs while shopping for anything that will come in contact with a newborn.

Skincare Essentials

This one can be either for the mother, the father or the baby, or you can get customised skincare essentials to range for all three. You can pick the best skincare products for all the three from varying brands and pack them together in a hamper, or opt for a brand that sells skin care products for all three categories. However, if the right baby skincare brands are not in your pocket range or you do not have excellent knowledge in this area, my suggestion will be to skip the idea of the baby skincare range as a gift completely.

Cradle and Pram

This is also one good gifting option for the newborn baby and its parents. However, before buying a cradle, make sure to have a word with the new parents first and understand what kind of cradle they will love to have. In simple words, know the size of the bedroom and the cradle size they will be comfortable with for the baby, colour, operating system (yes, there are automatic cradles available in India now), and whether any other friend or relative has already booked the one for them. In that case, you need to think about something else because more than one cradle for one baby is of no use.

A pram is also a good option for gifting a newborn and the parents. Here too, consider the size of the vehicle the parents own as many times the pram has to be folded and carried from one place to the other.

Kids Gym

Another fun addition to the kid’s collection is the kid’s gym. Many grownups and adults envy this and wish to get a chance to play in it at least once. The kid’s gym is a big playing space, where a baby can sit, sleep and play up to the age of 3, and in some advanced ones till the age of 5. This is one of the best gifting options for new parents as it keeps the baby occupied for a good amount of time.

Bathing Range and Inflammable Pool

One of the most common gifting options for a newborn is an inflammable pool. However, consider the size of the balcony or the backyard, or the bathroom of the house, for giving them the right size pool. If not the pool, you can get the baby a bathing essential gift hamper as most of the companies dealing in baby products have a customized bathing hamper. However, thoroughly research and consider the reviews of the brand first as the product will directly come in contact with the baby.

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Diapers and Other Toiletries

If you are running on a budget, a gift hamper containing diapers and baby wipes is an ideal option to consider. However, analyze the brand’s product quality first by the customer reviews before finalizing on any brand.

Bow ties for men

When it comes to new parents, the newborn and the mother are given more prominence than the father. Absolutely a mother deserves every bit of praise to go through the nine months of ups and downs, mental and physical changes and the immense pain during the delivery. But remember that her husband was standing and supporting her while she was going through all of these. So, the new father too deserves the pampering, the mother and the baby are showered. You can get unique accessories, pocket squares, ties, wallets, or bow ties for men for the new father.