Roleplaying in sexy night suits and other gifts to make his Christmas and New Year's special!

Billebon is all about gender equality, and we firmly feel that it is every woman's responsibility to pamper and make her partner feel special, the way men treat their partner. Men and women think on different tangents; thus, while planning a gift for your partner, you need to think like him. If he loves to see you flaunting your curves, he would like to see you in sexy night suits, rather than any other gift for him, no matter how effortful it is.

We have always discussed diet, fitness, sex hygiene, breast cancer and other such issues that pique women. But, in this blog, we have decoded some of the best gifting options for your man. Thus, if you are a last-minute runner, this blog should come in handy to help you choose gifts for him quickly.

Dress in sexy night suits

Men love to gauge at their woman, and nothing can beat the tickle they feel after seeing her in sexy night suits. However, he loves to see you dressed sexily to bed; you often might be doing so. So, how to make it special for him on Christmas or New Year's night? Rather than dressing in sexy nightwear, roleplay in it. Pick a character, try recreating its look with your hot nightwear, and follow a fictitious story, and give him a role to play too. This will be a night both of you will experience each other like never before, and your physical intimacy will reach its epitome.


Can any gifting list for men be complete without mentioning gadgets? Gadgets and their updates for men are like makeup and beauty products for women. Thus, this one is an ultimate gifting option to make the coming year of your man. You can get him the latest smartphone in the market according to his working system preference. If he already owns one, get him some funky accessories such as Bluetooth headphones, a smartwatch or a wireless charger.

There are several options when we talk about gadgets, and you are the best person to decide what will have his heart the most.

Premium whisky or scotch

If your man loves his glass of whisky or scotch or is a hoarder, you can consider gifting him a premium bottle of his favourite whisky or scotch. Moreover, you can also get a customized wooden box for this bottle with your love hashtag or his initials inscribed on it for a personal touch.

Neck pillow for travelling

A neck pillow for travelling is an essential part of every traveler’s kit, especially if he travels by flight often. Sleeping in the congested seat of an aeroplane can be a tough job, and if you somehow manage to, you will wake up with a pain in your neck, back, or shoulders. A neck pillow supports the head without stressing the neck, back or shoulders, and the user can sleep comfortably in a flight.

Car accessories

You can consider getting funky car accessories for your man's car. Several online stores offer personalized car seat covers, pillows, key-holders, and several other car accessories. You can create a personalized hamper and gift him with these customized accessories with other personalized things. Pampering his car is like pampering him multiplied by ten times.

Protective gears

If your man is a rider or has a bike, protective gear is one of the most prudent gifting options for him. Also, do not forget to add some masks and gloves, as they count as one of the most important protection gears for everyone in the current times. The pandemic is not gone yet, and we still need to follow the preventive measures to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

Dinner with mom

This one's for the men who are Mumma's boy in every sense, and work or academics have forced them to live away from her. Plan a dinner for you, his mom and him, and pretend before him as it is a dinner date for you two, and surprise him with the first woman in his life. This will be a stunning start of the year for him, and you, too, will have some quality time with his mom.

Best men accessories in India

Finding the best men accessories in India is a tough job, as not many stores sell all of these in one place at an affordable range. Moreover, you have to be accustomed to his likes, only then you can choose apt formal accessories for him. This should not be a difficult task if you are acclimatized with his formal wardrobe.

Being a seductress

Men fantasize about sex more than women do, and even if your men do not openly admit before you, he has some wild fantasies with you. You can try bringing one of his fantasies into reality. You can dress in sexy night suits inspired by his favorite porn star or recreate any one of its scenes. These are just for starters, and you can also try with some wilder fantasies if you like.


Whatever gift you choose for him, wrap it in your love, and cherish every wonderful moment you two spend with each other.