Intermittent Fasting- A Thorough Walkthrough!

At Billebon, we consider our blogs a medium that helps us in spreading vital information related to womanhood rather than just being a promotional means. A few blogs ago, we had a little glimpse about intermittent fasting.


In this one, let’s dive deep into the world of Intermittent Fasting.

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Your fitness goals definitely vary from others, so does your body type. Thus, intermittent fasting or any other diet plan can work one way for someone and completely different for someone else.

Thus, before choosing any dietary plan, it is vital to understand the science underlining it first.

The Scientific Finding So Far

The Scientific Finding So Far

Calorie limitations in animals have increased the lifespan and improved tolerance to a number of metabolic stresses, as studies suggest. Though this evidence is strong in the case of animals, there is less satisfying evidence in the case of humans.

Supporters of this diet opine that the stress caused by this form of fasting leads to an immune response that repairs cells and produces positive metabolic changes.

However, many people feel that this form of eating will result in overeating on the days without restriction to make for the loss of calories on the other day. Contrastingly, several studies suggest this belief to be inaccurate.

At the end of the day, as the same lace lingerie for women fit and hit every body type differently, similar is the case with intermittent fasting.

Plausible Negatives

Plausible Negatives

Every coin has two sides and it is equally crucial to discuss both of these.

There is a set of conditions that do not support intermittent fasting. Thus, individuals having any of these following conditions should not follow intermittent fasting.

  1. Diabetes and other blood sugar issues
  2. Eating Disorders such as Anorexia or Bulimia Nervosa
  3. Utilizing medications that necessitate food consumption
  4. Pregnant women or the ones who are in the breastfeeding stage
  5. Growing age such as Adolescents
Unsettled Doubts

Unsettled Doubts

There are few doubts in regards to intermittent fasting that are not clearly solved such as-

  1. How long does one need to continue this fasting cycle to see therapeutic benefits?
  2. Is this dietary plan safe for everyone?
  3. Does it incur the same results for everyone?
  4. Can it adversely affect the Ingestive patterns of other family members as for instance children can get influenced by their parents not eating regular meals?

A Nutshell View

People who generally have only one or two meals in a day or the ones who eat after long time stretches can easily comply with this meal plan.

Though this kind of calorie restriction has proved advantageous for animals, in the case of humans no satisfactory evidence is still found.

Lastly, whether this form of diet is more beneficial than other diet plans in regards to weight loss, compliance rates and reduction of appetite is still blur.

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