6 Types of Lingerie to Pamper Your Vagina!

Many women, even today, need to be reminded to love themselves in India. To acknowledge their beauty and flaws, accept and appreciate their body and soul instead of comparing them with others. We are a country where there is a high number of brands glorifying the use of fairness products, whereas hardly a few lingerie brands are talking about the importance of wearing the right kind of lingerie.

There is a reason why a bra and a panty are worn, and many lingerie brands forget to focus on these and get flown away by the wave of endorsements and promotions. Wearing the wrong bra or an incorrect panty is the worst mistake you can commit. Here, wrong or inaccurate does not only mean the size of the innerwear, but its fabric, elastic, hooks, straps, and everything it encompasses.

Many women are less conscious while shopping for innerwear as they are for their outerwear. Though the latter makes you look beautiful and presentable to the world, the former makes you feel comfortable and directly comes in contact with your delicate body parts. While lacy, frill or sexy underwear with ruffles or synthetic panties can be indulged into for some special nights, wearing them regularly will lead to rashes, itching or redness in your vagina.

Your vagina is more sensitive than your lips, and it deserves special care and hygiene. There is an eclectic range of underwear available for women, but some of these are the best picks to pamper your vagina.

Cotton Thongs Lingerie

With cotton thongs, you need not worry about visible panty lines. These lingerie sets are smooth, seamless and soft, and with cotton being the fabric, there is no fear of any allergies. Using cotton thongs on every day basis is recommended, as cotton is lightweight and breathable and does not interrupt the ventilation process in your vagina, keeping it sweat-free.

Bikini Panties

While most lingerie brands promote them as a part of the swimwear section, they are an apt option as regular underwear.  They come in comfortable and soft fabrics such as jerseys, satin and silk. These panties give your mediocre inclusion, and the airy fabrics are healthy for the vagina from the ventilation angle.

Pro tip – wear them regularly in summers; they make the hot season bearable down there.


These panties are crafted from 100% organic cotton, and cotton means good news for your vagina. Hipsters are a perfectly curated fusion of boy shorts and bikini panties. These panties are equally comfortable and healthy for the vagina.

Seamless Lingerie Sets

These panties are a savior for women who loathe wearing G-strings, thongs, or bikini panties. It comes with a thinner border, and fabrics such as satin, jersey, blends, and silk go in the making of this lingerie. They offer many options in cuts, namely, hipsters, French cuts, high-waist, low-waist and others. You can easily wear these panties under shorts, a skirt, tight-fitting trousers and bodycon dresses.

Cotton Briefs

These lingerie sets offer excellent tummy coverage and are 100% sweat-absorbent as it is created from cotton. They fit well, shape the wearer’s body, and are extremely comfortable. As there are no chances of vaginal sweating, you circumvent the chances of bacterial or yeast infection occurring due to dampness in the vagina for a long time.

Polyester or lacy lingerie can make your vagina sweaty, so reserve these panties only for a few hours on your special nights. However, if you want to wear these regularly, try lace panties with cotton patches in the crotch area.

Cotton Boy Shorts

These lingerie pieces are the female version of the male boxer, feeling comfy already? They are crafted from organic cotton; they are the right choice if searching for eco-friendly panties. The top-notch fit, ease and comfort, and environmentally sustainable parameters make this panty the best choice as regular underwear. They are rectangular and run slightly lower than your normal panties, covering the entire booty area.

Additional Things to Remember

  •   Assess the quality the lingerie brands provide yourself, rather than relying on others and choosing panties that are rough or incorrect from any perspective.
  •   Cotton lingerie is, any day, everyday, your vagina’s best friend.
  •   Do not use vaginal cleansers or soap to clean down there; lukewarm water will suffice.
  •   Splash some water in your vagina frequently while menstruating to avoid the foul smell or any blood lumps.
  •   Do not get rid of your pubes completely; trimming is better.
  •   Wash your vagina properly after intercourse, and follow this habit religiously.