Top 9 at Billebon – Nighties, Maternity Lingerie, and More!

It's the year-end, and we are just a few days away from welcoming 2022. It has been a year of ups and downs for everyone out there, and the second wave that hit India in March 2021 took away loved ones from many people's lives. We pray for solitude for everyone who left us this year and keep all the negativity and sadness behind; let's shake hands with 2022. This year has been an enhancer for Billebon, as we introduced tops and maternity lingerie in our collection alongside sexy nightwear.

You need to have the best picks from Billebon as 2022 is on board, and here we bring to you a must-have list for the coming year.

From the hot nightwear section

Black Bodycon

2022 is going to be about pastels, nudes, and tie-dye prints, but the sassiness of black will never fade. If you are in a mood to get naughty with your partner, or flaunt your perfect figure, or celebrate your body, this hot nightwear is the right pick for you. Give a skip to chemises and babydoll, and treat a special night in a stunning black bodycon.

Slits and Ruffles

2022 is a year of fusions and experiments, which stands true on both parameters. The classy babydoll nightie is fused with the trendy slits and ruffles and epitome of sexiness and class. The subtle pink intensifies its beauty, and if you are a pink-hoarder, why don’t you have this one in your wardrobe yet?

It is available in a range of colours, and sizes. This piece offers tailor-made fits, comfortable feels, and flexibility to let you try every move in style.

The Blue Anguish

Asymmetrical cuts always make the apparel look hot no matter what kind of clothing. This stunning hot nightwear comes in a palette of colours, and fits every size. The plunging neck, the lace cups, and the asymmetrical bottom of the nightie make it a real surprise.

Sexy lingerie is evolving every day, and Billebon is delighted to do the same with lingerie fashion in India.

From the tops for women section

Bowing the Black and White

Have you heard the saying; less is more? This top illustrates that. There is an eclectic range of options available in the department of tops for women, and only a few manage to look stunning irrespective of their simplicity. This beautiful top is available in every size, and qualifies both as a formal and an informal option. The bow on the left is the cherry on the cake and makes the top look super cute and elegant.

Strappy Beauty

This peplum-style strap top is available in two shades of wine and mustard and has ruled the top-selling charts since its first post. The black piping breaks the monotone, and the subtle shades of wine and mustard make this top look classy and elegant. The top offers a perfect fit and flows free under the chest area. You can style with any light-coloured pair of denim and complete the look with high heels.

Bra and Panty Sets

Leopard Print Bra and Panty Set

Wear it under your regular outfits or spot it to mesmerize your partner with your stunning body, the choice is yours, and this sassy bra panty set will not disappoint you, whatever you use it for. This stunning combo makes for the boldest lingerie option. You can also flaunt it under transparent dresses and tops to show the world how sassy your lingerie wardrobe is.

Pace it with Prints

This year has been all about prints, and this buzzing fire will not submerge in 2022 either. Thus, 2022 is majorly going to be dictated by prints, and everything from your lingerie to ethnic wear to tops for women comes under this definition.

This stunning bra panty set comes in classic prints and three colour options and is an amalgamation of perfect looks, elegant fit, and stunning feels. They are available in every size and enhance every skin tone.

Regular Bras

Comfy Seamless Bra

Abra has always been an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe. After the overwhelming response that our sexy lingerie garnered, we brought a collection of everyday bras, suiting every budget, size and colour needs. These stunning bras are crafted from top-notch fabrics, hooks and straps, to offer the wearer 100% comfort the whole day long. Moreover, boring colours kill the vibes. Thus, we bring you a splash of pastels and nudes. The seamless stitch of the bra makes it a perfect fit for every outfit. Pick your right size using the size charts, and do not wear the wrong bra, as that is one of the worst body mistakes you can commit.

Maternity Lingerie

Our designers understand the vitality of comfort and ease when maternity lingerie is concerned. However, what makes our maternity wear different from others? These pieces are not just designed to offer a comfortable feel, easy hooks, straps, and zips to make breastfeeding easy for the mother and the child, but we tried keeping our collection super fun with sassy shades of turquoise, fuchsia, nudes and pastels.

This makes our maternity lingerie unique from others!

The New Year is here; bid ado to sadness and things that stressed you about 2021, and look forward to a new year filled with hope, happiness, and opportunities.