Wrong Size Lace Underwear And Bra Set In India And Other Mistakes That Are Bad For Your Body!

Empowering and informing a woman about the positive and negative effects of every choice she makes has always been an imperial part of Billebon. We not only avail our women with the finest lingerie pieces in the market but also keep them updated with the latest happenings in the world of women.

In my last blog, I have discussed liposuction in details that can help you decide whether it is a wise or a foul call.


There are generally a lot of things that we do or slip into that in one way or another negatively affects one or more of our body parts, maybe immediately or in the long run. This blog encompasses a list of such things that women should take notice of to circumvent any unnecessary conditions in the future.

Not Drinking Too Much Water

Water is the basic requisite of every human body and if it does not get adequate amounts of it, that may result in headaches and dehydration. Moreover, drinking at least 6-7 liters of water every day, enhances the skin quality and flushes out toxins from the body. If you drink a glass of water every time you have an unnecessary hunger pang, your weighing scale will show magical numbers in a few months.

Squeezing It In Place Of Losing It

A good number of women prefer squeezing and hiding their body fat rather than getting rid of it. Shapewear is one such human creation that is harmful in so many ways, yet women focus on its positive aspect and completely look away from its negatives.

Shapewear squeezes your belly which is the most targeted area to conceal the fat. The contraction can lead to digestion issues, gastro problems, and many other digestion problems. Moreover, it compresses the various nerves of your thighs, and the tingling you feel after being in shapewear for too long is due to this.

Thus, walk on a journey of fitness and shun those extra kilos rather than squeezing them and harassing your body.

Vaginal Cleansers

Your vagina is literally a queen, both metaphorically and biologically. It can prudently cleanse itself and maintain its health and hygiene on its own. Using these vaginal cleansers do not clean your vagina and all the promises that the adverts make are fake. In reality, these cleansers disturb the natural Ph of the vagina and hamper it rather than cleaning it.

Ill-Fitting Innerwear

The biggest wrong that you can do with yourself is getting into a mis-fitted pair of underwear. A tight bra can cause chest and shoulder aches whereas a tight panty can lead to vaginal and stomach pain.

Thus, while shopping for your favourite leopard print bra and panty set go for the one which accurately fits you as if tailor-made.

Giving into The Sweet Cravings During Menstruation

While chumming, a large number of women feel this constant urge to treat their sweet tooth. Giving in to this craving, accelerates your mood swings.

If you are guilty of any of these, fix it right now by treating yourself with sexy nightwear for honeymoon bridal nighties by shopping with Billebon!