Is your new regular or sexy bra bothering you? Read on, we got your answers

Whether you opt for a high-end or an inexpensive regular or sexy bra, when it’s new it is going to cause some hardships. Thus, there are certain lingerie shopping rules that you need to abide by to circumvent such problems. However, many women complain even after sticking to these rules that their new bras are trouble-creators.

At Billebon, with each blog, we try to sort some of the problems solely related to women. Recently, we had shed light on the vitality of following a proper skincare routine before and after hitting the gym, and the most hazardous chemicals that are contained in skincare and beauty products.

Basic Rules while Buying Lingerie

Basic Rules while Buying Lingerie

Lingerie shopping might seem a cakewalk to the other gender, but the wearers know what a tedious job it is. These intimates cost a bomb, and if you do not analyze them prudently while buying, you might end up wasting your time and money. These are the parameters that you should never compromise on while shopping for lingerie no matter how gorgeous it looks or how inexpensive it costs.

Firstly, the fit of a regular or a sexy bra makes it what it is. Thus, if there is any fitting issue with the lingerie, do not buy it. No matter how badly you love the look or the fabric, if it does not fit you well, it is going to make you feel clumsy when you wear it and spoil the overall look of your ensemble.

Secondly, with a perfect fit, it should be equally comfortable. If a substandard quality fabric goes into the making of a lingerie set, it will not make you feel comfortable no matter how sexy it looks on you. Often salespersons try to convince buyers that a sexy bra panty set is meant for sensuous looks, and comfort is not what they intend to offer. Those archaic days are gone, and today sexy lingerie should both look and feel; beautiful to pass the test.

sexy bra

Is your new sexy bra leading to red marks?

Whether it’s a new regular bra or the one from your newest sexy bra panty set, if it results in red marks, we have some advice for you. The majority of women complain about the marks of womanhood their new bras result in either in the band area or the shoulder. In India, there are myths around everything, and how can we skip bras? Many lingerie bloggers or salespersons suggest going for a loose-fitting bra, in case of these red marks. However, we say, wearing a loose regular or sexy bra panty set is of no use whatsoever.

If the red marks are accompanied by pain in that area, it is a clear sign of wearing a misfit or a tighter bra. So, in such a case, you can opt for a higher number as you are wearing an ill-fitting bra. On the other hand, if these remarks are lighter in colour and are not accompanied by any kind of pain (even the slightest hint of pain), you are wearing a correct size bra. Thus, switching to one size larger will not be helpful in any case. When wearing a sexy bra panty set is accompanied by red marks it is just your skin's reaction to wearing it, just like in the case of wristwatches. As long as the red marks are pain-free, there is no need to worry.

Red marks in the band area are one of the most common bra problems that women face. These marks imply that the extreme weight of your breasts is supported by your shoulders or you are wearing your straps too tight. In such a case, try loosening your straps, and if the problem continues, opt for a cup size up and a band size down.

In the case of red marks around the sternum, it explains that the wire is sitting flat against your ribcage. There is always a possibility that you are wearing a too-tight band. However, when you wear an underwire bra, some marks are unavoidable. If there is a harsh red mark that runs around your ribcage, it is 100% because of a tighter bra band.

bra is crafted from lace

Also, if your bra is crafted from lace, and each time you wear it, there are red marks on your breasts accompanied by itching, chances are that the lace is carved out from a low-quality fabric.

The bottom line is every woman’s shape and size are different, and to find a perfect pick each time is a task. Thus, bras that fit well, and make you feel comfortable to leave red marks without pain get a pass, and the ones that are accompanied with pain need to be changed.

Additionally, in the case of a halter neck bra, if there are marks behind your neck it is a clear indication that you are tying the knots too tight. In case, a halter sexy bra comes without tie-up, red marks near your neck indicate too much weight on straps.