Cast a Spell on Him without Showing Him Off your Body in lace lingerie for Women!

Like men wonder what women want, women too spend a good amount of time speculating what men want. Generalizing things both for men and women is difficult, as every individual thinks differently, and has a unique set of likes and dislikes. However, there are several basic traits that men search for in their partner, and the women hunt in their men.

As a community that revolves around the world of women, we practically try discussing everything that a woman questions. Men and women think differently, and many women wonder what the other women have to keep their men lounging for more, while the former struggle to even attract a man in the first place. Let us share with you the secret weapons of these women who keep their men constantly hooked over them.

A Queen in Her World

Do not make him your world, that's right, most men want their women to be independent and have a life of their own. Have things in your life that do not revolve around him, so whenever you talk, you have tons of new things to tell him about. Learn to solve your problems, and spare him that burden of fighting his as well as your demons.  Have hobbies you are extremely passionate about, hang out with friends who have nothing to do with him, and have a happening life where his absence or presence does not matter.

Men love women who are the BOSS of their LIFE!


Do not overlap yourself in every aspect of his life. As you need to have a life that does not revolve around him 24/7, let him have one too. Let him have man time with his friends without your constant calls or messages. If you overlook this aspect, you might come as a clingy woman wanting every bit of his attention. So, when he has been busy over the week and wants to spend the weekend with his boy gang or his siblings, let him do that. Do not crib that he ignores you or chooses others over you.

You need your space, so what makes him different if he expects the same?

Women feel that seducing your man with your body in a short night dress is a way to keep him enchanted. However, most men will disagree with this, as in serious relationships, physical intimacy is the last thing they judge their woman on.

Have a Superpower (Just being a siren in short night dress does not count)

No denying here, but both men and women are attracted to someone excellent in some or the other walks of life. If the people around are noticing your success, he too is. Also, excellence here does not mean in the professional sense alone, but maybe in sports, a passion you follow, or anything else where people around look up to you. Who does not want a partner he/she can brag about to friends and family?

Get into some PDA

Now by this, we in no way mean, getting all over him in public places. In simpler words, hold his hand while walking, place a peck on his cheeks, and show it to the world that you are proud to have him. Flaunt him! Men are not good at expressing exactly what they want or feel, but a recent study showed that almost 96% of them love it when their women make the first move in public places. In fact, getting a bit touchy with him in public arouses him more than you being a seductress in sexy lacy lingerie for women in your bedroom.

Your sense of humor

The world will laugh with you if you can laugh at you! Your sense of humor plays an important role in attracting anyone towards you be it friends, colleagues, or your partner. Learn to laugh at yourself and the silly things you do, and see how madly he falls for you every time you tickle his funny bones.

Be the BEST version of You

Do not dress up or maintain yourself to look beautiful to him, do it for yourself. When you do it for yourself, you make sure that you always are the best version of yourself. When you do things for yourself, it makes you glow differently, and men love that. Many women slip in short night dress or lacy lingerie with the sole intention of treating the eyes and heart of their man. Don't do that, whatever you wear, do it for yourself and see how confident and comfortable you feel. This confidence will turn him like no sexy lingerie ever can!

You are Your Priority

In other words, you respect yourself more than anyone else. When you want anyone to respect you, you respect yourself first. Do not settle for anything lesser than you deserve, make your standard clear to him in the first place, and make sure he does not oversee them. Many women settle for less and then complain about the stressful relationship. You do not do that as you respect yourself.

Put Efforts

Many women just run behind their expectations, giving less importance to the efforts they put in for him. Don’t be that woman. If you love your man, show him that by your actions. Take interest in things he loves, whether or not they captivate you. Do it solely for him! Like women worship efforts put in by their partner, men too love it when you do something just because they love it. Wear lacy lingerie in his favorite colour, or spend time with him watching his favorite sports or playing video games he loves, and show him that you love him not just in words but by actions. 

In a nutshell, you be your true self and let him be his, make it a relationship of equals.

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