Tips to become more attractive without using the sensuousness of a women lingerie & nightwear!

At Billebon, we treat our blogs not only as a means of endorsing our brand and products but we try to use it for our final goal of celebrating womanhood. Our blogs target numerous topics that widely affect the lives of women such as menstruation hygiene, body positivity, double standards of social media, breast cancer, vaginal hygiene, fitness and many others.

In our previous blog, we tried to understand how the law of attraction works.


Most of us are of the opinion that the physical appearance plays a primary role in making someone attractive. If you too believe this, you are utterly mistaken. Your physical attributes too play a role in attracting someone towards you, but the way you conduct yourself and your thoughts are the driving power to make you attractive. Ideal body weight, blow dried hair, manicured nails, high-end brands are just myths in the tower of attraction.

In this blog, we have listed some tips that will help you become more attractive in the real sense.

Be Yourself

Many people hide their true self under a false cloak in order to be attractive. Don’t obstruct your real self from coming out. When you pretend to be someone you are not, you engage in false relationships. The other person is connected to our pretentious side, and not the real you.

Accept your shortcomings, and know the fact that no one on this planet is perfect, and no one expects you to be 100% flawless. When you accept your true self, a sense of self-respect triggers that makes you more attractive. At the end of the day, you need to love yourself first to thoroughly love someone else.

Purposeful Talk

Do not talk to fill in the silence or without purpose. Whenever you talk, talk with purpose so everyone around gives you a keen ear. Make others respect your words.

Be a Good Listener

In the contemporary world, every person is opinionated. They express their judgements in the real world, they express their opinions whether needed or not in the digital world. People are losing on the art of listening, and how magical it is to truly listen to someone. Nothing attracts others more than the one who gives them a patient ear.

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Laugh More

Laughing radiates positivity, and who will not like to be around someone who is always radiating positivity. Laugh often as it betters your health, clears your aura, and makes everyone around you see you in a better light.


If you laugh day in and day out, people might presume that you have some mental disorder. So, you cannot laugh when no humor surrounds the discussion. But one thing that you can definitely wear 24/7 is your smile. It not only oozes positivity from you but makes you more attractive. A fun fact – the most successful people are the ones who smile often.

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