Besides short lingerie for women, other traits that make her more attractive!

The way a woman looks at a woman, and the way a man looks at a woman are completely different. Tons of things that women might fail to notice are probably the set of standards that men assess their women with. As Billebon has shouldered itself with the responsibility of highlighting and discussing about every topic under the Sun that are directly or indirectly related to women, how can we miss this one?

In one of our previous blogs, we shed some light on how the law of attraction works in general.


No matter how beautiful we are, and how badly we are in love with ourselves, a tiny part in us always wants to know what attracts our man towards us. However, in this blog, let us be gender specific and shed some light on the traits that make a woman attractive to other men. So, grab some beer and some popcorn ladies, as we are spilling some really sassy beans.

Pearl White Teeth

Not just men, but everyone notices your teeth when you smile at someone or meet someone for the first time. So, flashing your teeth to the man you are daydreaming about can be a good deal if you have a bright white even set of teeth, and can go bumpy if you have yellow uneven teeth. But by pear whites we mean naturally pearl white teeth and not the artificial polished ones. So, rather than booking whitening appointments with your dentist, adopt natural ways to enhance your dental health.

Red Lipstick

This should not come as a shocker. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology concluded that there is a solid correlation between a man’s attraction towards a woman and the colour RED, and men are unaware of this mental equation. So, paint your lips RED and see the magic happening. Men’s obsession with red goes a long way, no wonder a majority of them choose a red transparent dress for women when they are buying one for their partner.

Larger Body Ratio

Though, the runway trends force us to believe otherwise, but a study conducted by a University in New Zealand concluded that a majority of men prefer women with larger waist to hip body ratio.

Higher Pitch

Men generally prefer women who express their opinion pretty loud and clear. Thus, contrary to what many women believe, the baby voice is not taking you anywhere if you want to attract a man and not a boy.

Brunette over Blondies

A study conducted by a University in Yugoslavia concluded that around 78% of their male subjects who participated in the survey chose brunette beauties over blondies.

Lesser Makeup, Better

In the first place, a woman should wear as much makeup as her heart desires only for herself and not for anyone else. Secondly, if you are putting on layers of makeup just to impress a man you have hots for, there are higher chances that you can do that by wearing less makeup as most men generally prefer women who flaunt their natural features rather than hiding them beneath layers of makeup.

I hope these tips help you in enhancing your charms. Also, before we conclude, do browse through our website to check our awesome sauce transparent nighties for women collection.