Attract more without wearing sensuousness in lacy lingerie for women!

What do you notice in a person when you see them for the first time? Your answer might vary from person to person, but one thing that will surely be common in a majority of these answers will be some or the other physical attribute of the person you are noticing. That’s the difference between noticing someone and being attracted to someone. When you want someone to notice you, your physical attributes such as your hair, eyes, figure, the brands you are wearing might set the game for you, but if you want someone to be attracted towards you, the physical attributes alone cannot do it for you.

In our last blog, we jotted down some tips that will make you more attractive.

Tips to become more attractive without using the sensuousness of a women lingerie & nightwear!

In this blog, we have accommodated some more tips that might come handy if you want to be more desirable.

A lion’s walk

You may or may not notice your posture while walking, but the people around you are definitely noticing it. Whether you walk with your chin up or down casts a big difference in the way people look at you. When you walk with your head up, it implies that you are filled with confidence, and walking with your head down gives a contrary implication. Confidence is always attractive. Thus, walk with your head up.

eye-to-eye connection

The eye-to-eye connection

Whenever someone is talking to you, look them in the eye. Looking straight into someone’s eye reflects your confidence and also gives the other person a signal that you are attentively listening to them. if your eyes gauge around when someone is talking, no matter how attentively you are listening to them, your eye movement signals otherwise. Thus, just wearing attractive clothing, or high heels in case of women, and male skinny ties in India for men will not suffice, you need to make eye-to-eye contact to get others attracted towards you.

Stop Complaining

Stop Complaining

Initially, no one will notice, but gradually people will start to avoid talking to you if you always have some or other thing to complain about. Complaining about things happening in your life is not taking you anywhere, rather is serving as an obstacle between you and others. A fun fact- people who complain more, attract more situations to complain about. Thus, work on your problems rather than complaining, and accept gracefully the issues that are out of your control rather than nagging about them.

Feel Beautiful

Feel Beautiful

No one will feel attracted toward you unless you yourself feel the same about you. To attract others, you first need to feel beautiful and attractive from within. When you see how attractive you are only then others will notice the same. You can wear the best of clothes, top designer apparels, high-end brands but nothing will make you attractive unless you feel attractive from within.

Don’t shut the doors to your heart

People generally repel from people who are inaccessible. Be open about your authentic feelings, and see how you attract genuine relationships. By relationships here we do not just mean love and partner ones, but every kind of relationship – friendship, at work, in society at large.

Embrace these tips, and see how you feel attractive and seem attractive to others!

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