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In one of our previous blogs, we discussed some basic tips that help women to enhance their breast health.


Shining, strong white nails not only enhance the beauty of a woman’s hand but also indicate good health. However, not more is said or done in order to better the quality of nails, and they end up being weak and fragile that easily break.

In this blog, let's have a look at some simple tips that will help you better the health of your nails.

Biotin Supplements

Biotin in common language means Vitamin H and Vitamin B-7. Biotin dissolves in water, thus it is essential to consume it on a daily basis. Biotin not only betters your nails but also your hair. You can consume eggs or legumes for a generous supply of biotin, or can consume a biotin supplement after consulting your doctor.

Lessen the Exposure to Water

We know you cannot completely avoid soaking your nails in water, but whenever possible try cloaking your nails from water. You can use gloves while washing utensils to circumvent your nails from getting wet. Wherever and whenever possible, try saving your nails from water.

Drink Good Quantities of Water

Keeping your body properly hydrates better your body’s overall health, and your nails are not an exception to this rule. If you are not properly hydrated, your nails become fragile and brittle, and can peel off easily. Thus, drink an adequate amount of water daily not only for a sizzling figure in a sexy 1-piece night dress for women in India but also for sparkling strong nails.

A Well-Balanced Diet

Your diet should be rich in all nutrients, and a vitamin or a mineral deficient diet not only negatively affects your body’s functioning but also your nails. Thus, opt for a diet rich in minerals and vitamins. You can also opt for vitamin or mineral supplements after having a word with your doctor.

Check What Goes on Your Nails

When you use nail paints or other nail products loaded with chemicals, they immensely damage your nails. Also, do not go for nail paint removers that contain acetone in them. Acetone easily wipes out the darkest nail paints, but they steal the natural shine from your nails and make them weaker in the long run. Thus, opt for nail paints that are acetone-free.

Stay Away from Nail Extensions

This is one of the easiest ways to flaunt beautiful nails in no time, and with the current nail extension and acrylic and gel nail paint trends, women are inclining towards these even more. The process involved not only weakens your natural nails, but the UV light used to dry the gel nail polish exposes you to the hazard of cancer in extreme cases, and otherwise results in skin aging of the parts exposed.

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