You deserve the best nails and 2 piece night dress for women!

One of the most decorated and beautiful parts of a woman’s body are her nails. They make your hands look more delicate and mesmerizing, if your nails are in a good condition. At Billebon, we try to make every woman’s life simple by highlighting simple tips that help her better her body, mind, and soul.

In our previous blog, we discussed some of the basic tips that help you enhance your nails’ health.


In this blog, let's continue from where we stopped in the last one. Here are some more tips that will make your nails stronger and more beautiful.

Nail polish

Frequent breaks from Nail polish

Even if you use a non-toxic nail polish, it still interferes with your nails’ natural breathing process. This in turn, makes your nails weaker and brittle. Thus, after you apply nail polish for a week, take it off with an acetone-free nail paint remover, and let your nails breathe freely without covering them under layers of colour.

Short nails are better

Short nails are better

The longer the length of the nails, the higher the chances of them being caught or stuck in things and getting cracked, chipped, or broken. Thus, in normal circumstances when nothing special is coming up, go for short nails, as they break or crack less and stay stronger. In other words, the way you preserve your new short 2 piece nighty for women for special nights, keep your longer nails too for special occasions.

Don’t work with your nails

Don’t work with your nails

Never use your nails as tools, as that can lead to cracking or chipping or breaking of your nails. Use your finger pads while opening a soda bottle or if you are hunting for something in a small space, use a paper clip instead of your nails as equipment to search it.

Moisturize them

Moisturize them

Nails like every other part of your body need hydration too. Thus, use hand creams to moisturize your hands as well as your nails. Make sure to use a hand cream, every time after you take off your nail paint and hydrate your nails. To provide prudent moisture to your hands and nails, use a hand cream to moisturize them, every time after you wash your hands.

Keep the sanitizers away

Constantly using sanitizers dry your hands as well as your nails. In the first place, try using sanitizer only when you have no soap and water to wash your hands. Secondly, even when you use sanitizer to clean your hands, do not get them on your nails as they dry them, and make them brittle and weak.

One direction filing

Be gentle on your nails while filing them. Moreover, while filing your nails, file them in one direction, and do not move it front and back as that weakens your nails. Also, while filing the sides of your nails, go easy, as overdoing it can chip them and make them extremely weak.

cautious while using cleaning products

Be cautious while using cleaning products

Use gloves every time you handle cleaning products in your house. These products are loaded with chemicals that are hazardous for your nails. Thus, be cautious, and do not let them come in contact with your nails.

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