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Hair Fall is a problem that a majority of girls and women combat each day by using a number of oils, shampoos, conditioner, and hair masks; while few of these products work, a majority of them are just a scam. Consumption of adulterated food, stress, pollution, constant hair styling using chemicals and heating equipment, and hair bleaching are some of the reasons that result in weakening and loosing of the hair strands leading them to break easily.

Few months ago, we discussed some natural ways to enhance your hair health and make them shinier and stronger.


As the stress level rises coupled with unhealthy lifestyle and bad food choices, with each passing day negatively ramifies the quality of our hair including its strength, and shine. Did you know that the Indian form of fitness – Yogasanas have an answer for every physical and mental problem? In this blog, we have listed for you yogasanas that will help you make your hair stronger and substantially reduce the hair fall, and eventually stop it.

Circumvent Hair Fall with Balayam Mudra

Balayam Mudra is the process of rubbing your nails against one another. Do not let this easy step misguide you as this is one of the most effective yogasana to reduce hair fall. Spend 5-10 minutes doing this mudra every day and it will yield you ideal results.

Head Stand

This is one of the best exercises to strengthen your core muscles, and work on your back and neck. However, a little unknown fact about this exercise is that it works extremely well in bettering the health of your hair and making them stronger. In this position, the oxygen supply to your head is better which energizes your hair cells. Thus, as a sexy leopard print bra and panty set energize your inner confidence, head stand recharges your hair cells.

Downward Dog Yogasana

This is also a good yogasana that will help you reduce hair fall. This yogasana improves your digestion, reduces your anxiety and stress, and calms your mind. An enhanced digestive system betters the supply of nutrients to your hair.

Vajrasana and hair fall reduction

This yogasana does not in itself reduce hair fall. However, vajrasana helps in reducing stress which is one of the major reasons for hair fall.

Apart from these yogasanas, there are some basic tips as well that will help you better your hair health.

Every time you oil your hair, heat it a little, and massage your head with lukewarm oil as it better blood circulation and triggers hair growth.

Do not apply shampoo to the roots of your hair, as it turns them dry. Similarly, apply conditioner only to the strands of your hair, and not the scalp.

Eat more protein-rich food as it helps in bettering your hair’s texture.

Use satin pillow covers as they reduce hair loss while sleeping.

Once a week, give your hair hot towel treatment.

Use organic hair masks, shampoos, and conditioners, and avoid using hair products and undergoing hair treatments loaded with chemicals. Also, while using heat products on your hair, spray heat protecting potions to cause the least possible damage.

One final reminder – the fight with corona is still going on, so do not miss carrying your masks and disposal transparent plastic gloves in India while stepping outdoors.