Compliment your sexy transparent dress for women with DIY tips for frizz-free hair!

An untold secret of the cosmetic industry is that natural products do not necessarily mean natural, and unscented or unflavored does not mean in a real sense free from artificial scents and flavours. This is the dirty reality of the beauty industry worldwide. In the absence of stringent regulations for managing the cosmetic industry, every brand (big or small) fools around these terms. Many brands have been exposed for using harmful chemicals, sulfates, and parabens in their products even when their products claim to be natural. As more scams are exposed day in, and day out, consumers now prefer DIY skincare and haircare products as they know what goes on their hair and skin.

Additionally, DIY products can easily be made from ingredients that are easily available in our kitchen and are extremely pocket-friendly. We often underestimate the value of DIY products but they can help you in enhancing your transparent nighties for women to beautify your boobs, and everything in between!

Almost every woman complains about frizzy hair, irrespective of the number of hair products they try. There are multiple factors such as climate, pollution, exposure to the sun, eating habits, lifestyle, and stress level that affect your hair quality. You cannot individually work on every factor, but certain products can help you better the quality of your hair.

Every woman craves to flaunt stunning-looking frizz-free hair with everything she wears, from a formal suit to a casual LBD to transparent nighties for women. They try a range of products, and when these products disappoint them, they blame the natural texture of their hair. Let me bust the myth for you – frizzy hair has nothing to do with the hair's natural texture, and it is caused due to improper hair care regime. When your hair's hydration needs are not met, the cuticles open to collect moisture from the atmosphere. As a result, it absorbs excess moisture that swells your hair, making it dry and frizzy. Hair frizz is a way your hair tells you it is deprived of moisture and nourishment.

In the first place, start oiling your hair regularly. 

Secondly, eat nutritionally balanced meals and drink plenty of water. Drinking adequate amounts of water has numerous advantages ranging from youthful skin, to a fitter body, to a healthy mind. By drinking an adequate amount of water, you can look sexier in transparent nighties for women, have fewer headaches which result due to dehydration in the head, and enhance your hair without spending a bomb.

In addition to this, try the following elixirs to bid ado to frizzy hair.

Egg and Almond Oil

Egg and Almond Oil

In a bowl of almond oil, add an egg and mix it well. You can also skip almond oil if you want, whisk the egg, and apply it to your hair. Part your hair in small sections, and apply the mixture. Rinse your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner after 40 minutes.

Follow these at least once a week, and notice the transformation yourself. The egg is loaded with proteins that repair the damaged strands and is one of the best methods to eliminate frizz.

Flaunting frizz-free hair in short lingerie for women is no longer just a dream!

Vitamin E and Coconut Oil

Vitamin E and Coconut Oil

Vitamin E is available in oil form as well as capsules. You can choose at your convenience. As per the length of your hair, put in one portion of Vitamin E oil (open 4-5 capsules if you do not have Vitamin E oil), and add 4 portions of coconut oil. Mix it prudently, and apply it on your scalp and strands. Let it sit for 40 minutes, then shampoo and condition as usual.

Try this once or twice every week. While coconut oil deeply conditions your hair, Vitamin E circumvents hair damage.

Almond oil, Eggs, and Mayonnaise

Almond Oil, Eggs, and Mayonnaise

In a bowl of almond oil or any other hair oil of your choice, add 1-2 eggs depending on the hair length and ¼ cup mayonnaise. Mix it thoroughly, and apply the mask to the scalp and the strands. Use a shower cap or a hot towel to cover your hair. Let it sit there for 20-25 minutes before rinsing it off.

You can use this hair mask once each week for that extra shine, strength, and nourishment minus the frizz.

Honey and Banana

Honey and Banana

Smash a completely ripe banana and add any oil of your choice and honey to it. Please make sure there are no banana lumps and mix it to a smooth paste. Apply it to your scalp and hair. Follow your regular shampoo and conditioning routine after 20-25 minutes.

In super frizzy hair, use this mask once a week and, in other cases, once every two weeks.

Honey and Lemon

In 1 cup water, add 2 tablespoons of lemon and honey each. Fuse it well, and run them through washed hair. Massage it well on your scalp, and rinse it off after 10 minutes with shampoo and lukewarm water.

Use this mask once every two weeks. It cleans your scalp, gets rid of germs, dirt, and bacteria, and deeply nourishes the scalp and hair.

Additionally, whenever you use any hair masks, make sure to detangle your hair before the application, and wear something comfortable rather than lacy lingerie or sexy transparent nighties, as the lace or other enhancements on your clothing might cause friction with your hair, and keeping on the mask might become a task!

Try these simple DIY masks and welcome frizz-free hair in just a few uses. Also, do not forget to browse through Billebon’s exclusive collection of 2 piece night dress for women.