A perfect measuring guide for both regular and luxury lingerie!

Picking up a good bra is as important as choosing the right apparel, as the right bra can multiply the look of your outfit, and the wrong one can break it altogether. Whether you shop for luxury lingerie from high-end brands or regular lingerie pieces from basic brands, some common standards help you choose the right one. Every outfit requires a specific kind of bra, but we are not getting there today. Let's focus on the basic standards to make it to your cart, whether online or offline.

Importance of perfect-fitting bridal lingerie

When shopping for your marriage celebrations, you pick up every outfit after a good amount of homework. You consider the current trends, browse through the collection of several designers and stores, and then choose one. You not only spend a good amount of time picking every outfit for your wedding trousseau but also invest time in multiple fitting seasons, so on the D-Days, you can look your best. However, how much time and effort do you put in while shopping for bridal lingerie? Most women wrap their lingerie shopping for their wedding trousseau in an extremely short period, as we do not give regular bridal lingerie the kind of importance it deserves. We spend days and weeks researching before buying sexy lingerie for the special night, but when it comes to the everyday bra and panty sets, we hardly give it a second thought.

A bra is an unspoken hero in every ensemble, and if it does not fit well, your entire look can crash down to clumsy. Moreover, ill-fitting bras come with health hazards as well that are hardly talked about. If you get shoulder ache, or back pain, or chest pain after putting on a bra, there are 95% chances that the pain has arisen owing to the bra. Even if the pain does not arise immediately, it can still be credited to the ill-fit bra a few hours later. Almost every blog or article about breasts highlights the vitality of wearing a bra with accurate measurements neither too tight nor loose. Amongst the numerous breast-related mistakes that women commit, ill-fitted bra and panty set to ace the list. Wearing the wrong size bras for a prolonged period can lead to chronic health hazards and even contribute to breast cancer.

The archaic measuring technique

There was no divide between luxury lingerie and budget-friendly bra and panty sets; there was a simple yet inaccurate way to measure the band size. They added a +4 or a +5 that adds 4 or 5 inches to your ribcage measurement to derive the perfect bra size. This method is incorrect because it gives a rough idea of the bra size and not the exact measurements. Though this method is a miscalculation and quaint, many stores are still using this method, and the high-end stores dealing in luxury lingerie are too on the list. Different brands and styles mean different bra sizes, and one slapstick mode of measurement cannot help you choose the right bridal lingerie.

How to get a measurement check?

In contemporary days, every lingerie store, be it the high-end one or regular, has fitters in their stores to measure a woman's exact size. However, how many of these fitters are well-trained to do so, and how many are just for the sake of being there, is a question you need to answer? What then? Also, what about online bridal lingerie shopping sprees? Who will measure you there?

The easiest way to measure yourself is by using a measuring tape at home. In this step, you need someone to do it for you, as holding the tape to measure will certainly give you incorrect measurements. You can also assess the methods used for measurement in various high-end stores, and as per your discretion, get yourself measured from the one that appears apt.

In my opinion, the measuring tape method is the best and the most trustworthy one, provided someone else is doing it for you. This measurement is your right size and can be used to assess regular bra and panty sets and sexy bridal lingerie from any brand and of any type. Let me also mention, this is just the starting point for you to peruse through the options you have in the said bra size online and offline, and the 100% accurate way to get a perfect-fitting bra is still TRYING IT. ON! Nothing can beat this sure-shot method. Also, if you are shopping from an offline store, understand the image on the packaging of the bra and panty set to understand exactly the look and the fit of the set. If you have purchased luxury lingerie from an online store, the 2D images on the website can be a bummer. Thus, check out its videos for a better understanding of its look and fit.