Get flawless skin and flaunt it under a 2 piece nighty for women after hair removal!

Did you know that the hair removal method you follow extensively influences the skin texture in that area? Thus, the method you opt for removing hair from the different parts of your body, such as arms, legs, face, and the bikini area, should be chosen wisely.

Many women use waxing methods in their bikini area as well to get rid of their pubes. While some say it makes them feel better to have a hair-free vagina, many others solely do this to beautify their private parts under a sexy 2-piece nighty for women on their special nights.

Billebon intends with its every blog to guide women in the walks of life that revolve around femininity. Topics that hold a woman's attention, such as menstrual hygiene, vaginal hygiene, weight loss hacks, diets, breast cancer, and a range of other such topics, are already discussed here. Some months ago, we highlighted various methods for hair removal and the body parts they suit the best.

Hair removal is less simple in reality than said. There are numerous ways to bid farewell to your body hair, and every method comes with its own set of pros and cons.

In contemporary days, hair removal has become a vital part of every woman's intimate hygiene, and even men have started embracing this practice. Women love to flaunt their hairless bodies in short dresses, bikinis and 2-piece nighties. Many argue that hair removal is an unnecessary practice glorified by the beauty industry, but let's talk about this some other day.

Skincare has become a daily routine for modern women, and rightly so. Unhealthy eating habits, lifestyle changes, and pollution are constantly draining our skin. If you want healthy, youthful, glowing skin, just a simple moisturizer once a day will not suffice. Women follow different routines for the day and the night to protect and nourish their skin. If you invest your efforts and money in this but do not pamper the skin after hair removal sessions, you are killing the advantages of those skincare routines. Thus, we have listed skincare tips to be followed after every hair removal method, whether waxing, shaving, or any other. Follow them for enhanced skin under honeymoon night dresses for the bride or just after every casual hair removal session.



It is the most common method women prefer for removing hair from their arms, legs, bikini area, and even face. In the first place, it is not advisable to use hot wax to get rid of your pubes or facial hair. The skin in the vaginal area and the face are extremely delicate and can easily burn due to the hot wax. Moreover, the forceful pulling of the wax can reduce the elasticity of the skin in the two areas. Waxing can be safely used on your underarms, arms, and legs. It is advised to have a hot water bath before waxing as it opens the skin pores making the process less painful.

After waxing, avoid hot water showers at least for a day because your skin becomes extremely sensitive after waxing.

Take a lukewarm water bath immediately after waxing to eliminate any extra wax that might be left.

Apply tea tree oil or a good moisturizer as it soothes the skin after all the hot applications.

In case of any burn or wounds that resulted due to waxing, apply an appropriate ointment. If the wax strips are pulled off extremely harshly, it may cause bleeding in the pores. Do not leave it unattended, and use an ointment, or it may become a ground for infection.

When you have your legs waxed, avoid wearing tight-fitted clothes for the next 24 hours. Wear something loose made from cotton to avoid friction leading to itching or irritation in the waxed area.

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If you opt for a bikini wax, go military or wear a cotton panty to avoid any infection, redness, itching, or irritation. If it is a special night, and you have brought a short night dress online or offline that comes with satin or lace panty, avoid wearing that.

Many women rip their pubes in an attempt to make it look beautiful to their partners. In fact, a huge number of women in India try bikini wax for the first time to flaunt a hair-free vagina under their sexy nightdresses for their honeymoon. In doing so, they however neglect the drawbacks that bikini waxing can cause

No blog or article will ever suggest you to get rid of your pubes to beautify your vagina, and make your bedroom life happening, as the pubes do not matter when it comes to love-making. There are numerous other ways that help you in spicing up your bedroom life such as slipping into a sexy night dress or hot plus size lingerie, flirting, romantic dates and others.



There can be a whole blog discussing the myths and the reality of shaving. But we are not going there. While shaving, make sure to use clean, sterilized blades. Also, either use a shaving cream available in the market or mix petroleum jelly and coconut oil and use this before shaving.

Always shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Use the razor gently, and do not overdo it.

After shaving, take a lukewarm water shower.

Apply a good moisturizing cream or tea tree oil or coconut oil after the shower; It repairs the damage on the skin surface caused due to shaving.

Shaving is one of the best ways to get rid of facial hair minus the eyebrows. Tightly lift the face area with hair growth and gently move the facial razor in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Use a shaving cream for women or coconut oil before shaving and any face oil, coconut oil, or moisturizer.

In conclusion, whatever method you prefer to remove your body hair, do not compromise on the skin prep before and the skin-pampering after the process is done.

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