Buy trendy nighties for honeymoon

Weddings bring in a host of responsibilities for both the men and women. However, the list of things women have to worry about is more than that of men. When it comes to sexy night wear, we have your back! Check out our store to browse through our stellar eye-candies. 

The Wedding Functions

  1. The backless blouse

We all fancy a halter neck or a blouse with just a string. But the essential question is the right underwear to pair it with. The perfect option that can go with such blouses is a bra with transparent straps.

  1. Dresses with plunging necklines

Never miss a chance to flaunt those collarbones in a deep neck outfit. Pair it with a plunge neckline bra to avoid your lingerie being seen.

tube neck and spaghettis
  1. For noodle straps, strapless, tube neck and spaghettis

A tube neck or a transparent strap bra is the best choice when it comes to bare shoulder or strappy outfits. However, if you want to add a pinch of sassiness you can go for bras with designer studded straps.

Cocktail Outfits
  1. The Cocktail Outfits

Your cocktail night is going to be the night when you can let yourself loose and groove in the vibe. It is going to involve a lot of dancing, jumping and picturing from different angles. You will not at all want your bra to be seen from any angle whatsoever. Thus, the silicon stick bras are your best companion here.


sassy sexy nightwear
  1. The sassy sexy nightwear

There are abundant options when it comes to sexy nightwear lingerie for women. There are tons of options ranging from lacy Babydoll dress to animal printed thongs to classy figure-hugging chemises. It's your call as to what option amazes you the best.

  1. Comfy Pajamas

Honeymoon obviously involves travelling and lazing around in your suites. Thus, do not forget to pack a few comfortable pajamas to ease around with him. When you are just in the mood to cuddle and talk or gaze at the stars, sexy lingerie will probably be the last thing you will want to slip in. so, pajamas is a must thing you need to carry.

Bikini or Monokini
  1. Bikini or Monokini

Whatever your preference is, carry a pair of bikini or monokini if your honeymoon destination has beaches around, even if it is a single beach.

  1. Seamless panties

For those sexy-looking figure-hugging short dresses, seamless panties are the only best alternate you have. Do not forget to pack them for you Honeymoon dinner dates.

  1. T-Shirt Bra

As we mentioned earlier, honeymoon does not only mean sexy lingerie. You are going to travel and chill during your honeymoon vacay. Pack your T-shirt bras and the other basic one for these moments.

In conclusion, enjoy every moment of your wedding ceremonies and honeymoon, as it is a once in a lifetime experience and you are going to cherish it for the rest of your life.

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