Everything You Need To Know About PANTY LINERS!!

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Panty liners or Panty Shield is an absorbing piece worn in the gusset of a woman’s panty for her vaginal hygiene. They somewhat resemble sanitary napkins but are much thinner and narrower than the normal pads.

Wearing A Panty Liner

Advantages of Wearing A Panty Liner

Vaginal discharge is a common and natural trait in every woman. Vaginal discharge is a sign that the vagina is self-cleaning itself. However, at some days this discharge can be too heavy and soil your panties and bottom wear to a level of discomfort. Panty liners absorb this discharge and keep your panty dry and clean all day long. With a panty liner in, you need not worry about your sexy lingerie in India and other outfits anymore.

Wear Them-

*Whenever you sense moisture down there, wear a panty liner.

*Wear it a few days before and after your periods, as it saves you from spoiling your panties due to sudden spotting or bleeding. Also, many women discharge heavy white fluids a few days before and after their periods, so it comes as a saver for them.

*During workouts- Heavy workout sessions or hardcore exercising can augment flow of vaginal discharge. To have a clean and dry workout experience, a panty liner is must before every workout session.

*While on your periods, if you use menstrual cups or tampons, wear a panty liner to avoid staining your underwear in case of any leaked spotting.

*When on special dates you are out with your partner, you might get a little cozy in the corner seats of the multiplex or those isolated candle light dinners in the farthest corners of the restaurant, you might discharge if you have those small little gushy moments. Wear a panty liner before such dates, for that complete dryness and freshness down there. 

*If you are travelling and have a limited number of panties, wear a panty liner at each use and you can easily re-use your underwear without washing it.

*A mini hack, you can also wear a panty liner in your underarms and avoid any sweat patches on your T-shirts and reuse them without washing.

Do not wear them

Do not wear them-

*DO NOT wear a panty liner while sleeping. Your skin needs to relax and breathe down there, so take off your panty liner before going to bed.

*You can wear it as an additional safety measure along a tampon or a menstrual cup as said above, but they CANNOT be a replacement to the usual sanitary equipment like napkins and the others.


*Change your panty liners regularly after 3-4 hours if it becomes very damp. Keeping a damp panty liner on for too long can cause rashes and irritation down there.

*If you belong to the sensitive skin clan, go for organic cotton panty liners. DO NOT wear the scented plastic ones as can cause rashes, redness, irritation or itching in your private areas.

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