Wear sexy nighties, try some moves and lose weight!

The wedding season is here, and if you are already hitched or the one whose number skipped this year, you will still be having a close friend or cousin getting married. Marriages call for fit bodies to sizzle in those amazing Indian outfits and post stunning pictures. As the wedding season is near, one of the most talked-about things is weight loss, shedding some extra inches, and some of the easiest ways to do so. Whether you want to rock in sexy nighties or mesmerizing lehengas, you need a crisp version of yourself.

Do not get us wrong here, but fitness has nothing to do with the waistline, and losing weight only for fitting into something is the wrong kind of motivation. Lose weight to stay fit, and make fitness a lifestyle irrespective of the occasions and seasons that come along. One of the easiest ways to begin your journey towards staying healthy is increasing your daily water consumption. An adequate water supply to your body helps in weight loss and tags, along with several other advantages. A second major step is changing your dietary habits, skipping junk, oily, and sugar-loaded foods, and consuming more protein and fiber. There are many effective diets such as keto, low-fat, and other plans that regulate the nutrition inside your body.

In the initial phase, changing your lifestyle patterns to make your mind and body healthier can be challenging, and many people try finding shortcuts in this process. However, fitness cannot be achieved only by exercising or dieting alone. Instead, it is a result of a combination of both these factors. Thus, you have to eat healthily and physically exert yourself to achieve your dream body. While the diet plans can be boring at times, we have listed X ways to burn calories and enjoy the process to the fullest.

Sleep in sexy nighties

Many women complain of not getting the desired results after putting in the required hard work and not losing inches the way others do. Firstly, metabolism plays a crucial role, and every person has a different metabolism pace. Secondly, if you constantly remind your body of its imperfections, it mentally consumes you, losing less weight. Thus, be happy, appreciate yourself, and celebrate your body by slipping in sexy nightwear now and then.

Bath with your better-half

Bathing with your partner can help you burn as much as 40 calories or more in 15 minutes, in addition to the sassy fun you guys will have under the shower. Is this not a two-way deal? Clean yourself and your bae under the shower, burn 40 calories, plus some extra calories in case of steamy make-outs, and lose weight while having fun.

An excellent way to start or end a day, right?


Here we do not mean the gentle pecks on the hands, forehead, or cheeks of your loved one. Kissing here refers to those long, passionate kisses with your partner. They not only enhance the love between you two, but you burn approximately 68 calories in the process. Many studies also suggest that kissing can burn up to 90 calories for an hour.

Do you need any more reasons to grab your partner and lock lips with them?


Slip in sexy nightwear, and change the foreplay rules for some nights. Give him a passionate massage for ten minutes or more, and burn around 50 calories. Giving a massage to your partner relaxes their aching body parts, gives you a soothing feeling, and works as an accurate tool of seduction at the time. Additionally, you too get a massage in return.


Zumba and aerobics are dance-based workouts, and it is no secret how excellent dancing is to burn calories. However, sexy dancing is nowhere behind in this race. Put on your sexy nightdress, show him your hot moves, give him a lap dance, and do everything that your imagination tells you to. Slow dancing is fine, and kissing along will help you burn around 100 calories in half an hour.


Walking alone can be tedious at times, but it becomes bliss when your loved one accompanies you. Walking for 2 miles even at a slower speed helps you burn 150 calories, and with your partner accompanying you, time and distance will seem like a number. Moreover, you get quality time to spend with each other, and strolls like this after dinner helps you digest food and share the happenings in your day with your partner.


This is a fun workout if you are a water baby! Swimming can be a tedious workout occasionally, but dive with your partner and see how fun it becomes. Engage in competitions with him, and never miss a chance for those accidental touches underwater. Also, you get a chance to flaunt your curves under a sassy swimsuit.

In conclusion, fitness is not as dull as people make it look, and fun steps like slipping in a sexy nightdress to kissing to making out can help you burn calories.