Get in sexy nightwear and other ways to woo your partner!

There is no right opportunity or moment to make your partner feel special. If you are madly in love with your spouse, do not hesitate or wait for some special occasion to show it. Simple things make a huge impact, so a wife cooking her husband's favourite food or a husband getting his wife some smashing sexy nightwear can play a big role in pampering your better half.

Dear men, you can start pampering your wife by gifting her sexy lingerie, but in this blog, we focus on things a wife can do to attract her husband.

Sexy nightwear at your rescue

Skip your boring nightwear and replace it with some sexy nighties. Stirring your bedroom life will enhance the romance in your relationship altogether, and your marriage will bloom like in the initial years. Lingerie has a long lineage, and most of its sexy inventions were made to serve as a sex trigger between couples, so use it. Sexy nightwear lets you flaunt your assets and works as a catalyst to foster your husband's sexual desires

Stay up-to-date

Are you one of those women who dress up or wear makeup only when stepping outdoors? If yes, this might be a reason for your husband's dampened interest in you. You need not wear makeup every day at home, but a basic eyeliner and kohl with properly done hair harm no one. Stay up-to-date to attract your husband's attention always.

Cook your Way down his Heart

Have you heard the saying, the right way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? This saying is tried and tested, and you too can lure his heart by cooking delicious meals for him. You need not try fancy dishes every day, but make sure whatever you cook falls in his favourite menu and leaves him with a delicious Ingestive experience.

On a chef's cap as well as a seductress's sexy nightdress!

Date Nights curated especially for Him.

Sitting in and chilling with your husband, eating his favourite meals and watching his favourite movies or web series is as fun as going out for dinner dates to fancy restaurants and high-end clubs. Plan night ins are keeping his preferences in mind, for instance, a night when you watch martial art movies and cook or get some Asian delicacies to go with it.

Be Romantic

If he is running in your thoughts, let him know, not with a cheesy pick-up line, of course. Be nice to him, flood him with genuine compliments, and never miss a chance to let him know how much you love him. Appreciate his gestures, and give equal weightage to his likes and dislikes. For example, he loves red, and you love black, wearing sexy nighties alternating between red and black.

Tap the Right Mood

Attracting your husband does not mean wearing a sexy nightdress, pouncing on him, making out and sleeping. If you want to catch his heart, set the right mood for the right acts. Dim the lights, play some romantic music, redo the décor of your room to make it cozier and more romantic.

Take Charge

Wearing sexy nightwear makes you look and feel sensual, so bring both these attributes to play. Do not just dress in hot nightwear, wait for him to do the act, take charge of the night. Men love when their wife rules the moves on the bed, and you certainly will discover something new, each time every time.

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Weekend Getaways

Men don't need to always be the one's planning; women too can do so. If you realize your husband is stressed, you can plan a weekend getaway or a mini staycation for you two. This will work as a stress-buster and give you two good quality time to spend with one another.

Augment your Physical Intimacy

With passing years of marriage, responsibilities take a front seat, pushing love and romance away. Kids, finances, EMIs, and what not take over his mind leaving hardly any space for love, romance, and sex. Thus, no matter how packed your lives are with personal and professional commitments, make time for love. Reserve your weekend nights, or at least 2-3 nights in a week for hot, steamy sex. I know sex should happen naturally, but training your mind to make space for making out amidst the chaos is never a bad idea.

Relish the Days of Dating

Bring the essence of your dating days back to freshen the romance in your marriage. Sexting, flirting with each other, or late-night sneak outs to a fast-food joint, or anything else that you both frequently did in your dating phase. See the man you fell for, and show him the woman he was madly in love with.

A trip down the lanes of nostalgia is something you can try simply by wearing the sexy nightdress you wore on your first night of marriage or the first time you made out.