Unhealthy Diet and Your Sex Life!

Physical intimacy does not just happen by itself, but there are several factors that knowingly and unknowingly affects your sex life. In one of our past blogs, we had highlighted some mistakes that might be ruining your bedroom life.


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Unhealthy food or in simpler words, junk food is always bashed for the ill effects it brings to the body of the eater. Junk food contributes to obesity and adds hundreds of calories to the body in just one serving. Is this all, or are there some other lesser-known negative ramifications as well that are cast by consuming junk food?

Is your bedroom life not as happening as it used to be once? The things you put on your plate might be affecting your sexual drive and your performance. In this blog, let us analyze how unhealthy food is ruining your sex life.

Augmented Inflammation

Having a healthy libido in both men and women ensures that they have a healthy sex life. The health of the libido is maintained by maintaining a prudent amount of sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. Other key essentials for a good sex life are proper circulation and a healthy mindset. All these essential factors are negatively impacted by inflammation.

You have to avoid foods that instantly trigger inflammation in your body. Food items such as soybean oil and corn, sugar and trans-fat, conventional meat, refined carbohydrates, and pasteurized dairy are the ones that need to be consumed restrictively. Meanwhile, you can increase the consumption of anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric, walnuts, green vegetables, salmon, blueberries, and coconut oil.

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Diminishing Testosterone

Testosterone is a sex hormone that is needed for a healthy libido, robust sexual drive, and satisfaction. Thus, even this hormone starts diminishing from your body, it is inevitable to disrupt your sex life altogether. This is also a hormone that makes an individual feel younger and fit, and a plunge in the testosterone level can lead to a fall in mood, long-lasting fatigue, and low to zero sex drive.

You can include more selenium-rich food such as tuna, sardines, halibut, and various nuts especially Brazil nuts to swell the amount of testosterone in your body. Zinc is a mineral that plays a vital role in maintaining the testosterone level in the body. Hence, also include pumpkin and sunflower seeds, lamb, beef, and poultry.

Rising and Holding

Erectile dysfunction is a common killer that leaves both you and your partner dissatisfied in the bedroom acts. Reduced testosterone levels, inflammation, and improper blood circulation are the major causes of erectile dysfunction. If you occasionally or frequently have been suffering from this, here is good news for you. Many studies show that around 70% of impotency and issues coming in this department can be solved by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Start consuming more nitric oxide-rich foods such as leafy vegetables, beets, and dark chocolates, as nitric oxide plays a major role in bettering erections, stimulating brain functions, and regulating blood pressure.

Also, try limiting the consumption of heavily salted foods, and refined vegetable oils such as sunflower, canola, corn, and soybean.

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