Stay closer to hot nightwear for ladies in India and away from chemicals in skincare and makeup products!

Who doesn't love a fruit-smelling face wash or makeup products packed with minerals and vitamins? We easily fall prey to those mind-luring endorsements of makeup and skincare products, and believe every word they say in there. However, most of these products under the cloak of being natural, use several chemicals that are harmful for the skin.

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A few months ago, we highlighted the ‘real’ natural ingredients that benefit your skin.


How do these chemicals make it to the drugstores?

In the first place, how are such beauty and skincare products given a shelf is the main question?


The answer is simple – there are zero rules governing the cosmetic industry. A skincare, haircare or a beauty product can simply be manufactured and land on the shelves of the stores without any obligatory tests or medical checks. The little regulations that rule the cosmetic industry only focus on false-branding, and misrepresentative advertisements on the package of the item, and not the ingredients that go inside the product.

Though in India, the Government has banned the testing of cosmetic products on animals, there are no stringent rules regarding using harmful chemicals that may ruin the users’ skin. What an irony! You cannot conclude whether a makeup or skincare product is free from harmful chemicals just by touching it or feeling its texture, like you can do with a night hot dress for women sexy.

Self-Regulation is the only KEY

Self-Regulation is the only KEY

Until no stringent laws are made in this regard, the consumer should educate themselves on this behalf to save them from using such skincare and beauty products. And please don’t be fooled by the big brands, they too are leading this race. Moreover, the companies claiming to sell 100% natural products also add some or the other chemicals to their products. The plight is that even products labelled unscented may have artificial fragrances in it.

makeup product

You being a consumer, make sure that the company that manufactures the products you use, in no way uses the hazardous chemicals. Also, go for companies that are completely transparent with the ingredients that go in their products and keep no secrets. You can do your homework by minutely reading all the ingredients used from the manufacturer’s website or the box of the skincare or the makeup product.

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