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Two of the most important things that come to every mind when we talk about personal well-being is physical fitness and clear healthy skin. However, if you do not take prudent care of your skin while working out or after your workout sessions are done, you are doing wrong to your skin.

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A few months ago, we shared a list of natural ingredients that enhance your skin.


There are some crucial skincare steps to be followed before, while, and after working out to maintain the health of your skin. If you are not doing this, you will get closer to your fitness goals but at the cost of your skin’s health. Aiming this one to my women readers, you don’t want him to seduce him with your hot figure under a nighty for women cotton fancy combo and then push him away with your rough skin, right?

So, here is a list of tips you need to follow to ensure that your skin’s health is nowhere compromised when you are working out:

Before Workouts

Thorough cleansing – Do not fall for the Instagram posts of the influencers who go to the gym with layers of makeup, that’s a scam, and they too do not workout like that in reality. Take off your makeup with a good makeup remover, and then cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser or face wash.

If you workout with your makeup on or with an uncleansed skin, your chances of getting a breakout multiplies.

Hydrate your lips- While working out, you lose a lot of water from your body in the form of sweat. It is obvious for your lips to get dehydrated and become dry and chapped. Thus, apply a good lip balm before working out.

While working out

Your hands away from your face- While working out, make sure to never touch your face. The germs and bacteria from the equipment you are working out on can cause acne and bacterial infection. Thus, do not at all touch your face while exercising.

Do not let the sweat settle down- Do not dry the sweat on your skin or it may cause acne or itchiness. Also, do not wipe the sweat with your clothes, as that may contribute to rashes and pimples. Rather, keep a soft clean towel handy, and dab it slowly on your face to wipe off the sweat.

Hydrate- As you sweat while working out, it is crucial that you keep your body properly hydrated. Thus, drink a good amount of water while working out.

After Workout

Prudently clean your face – As you are done working out, wash your face prudently with a gentle face wash. Do not let the sweat settle down on your face after workout, or it may lead to acne breakouts.

A quick shower – The bacteria from the sweat that is released while working out settles in the workout outfits. Thus, after you are done working out, have a quick shower and change into clean clothes.

Moisturize – Your skin can become a bit dry and red after working out due to the heat that is produced in the body while exercising. Thus, when you are done with the face cleanse, and shower, moisturize your skin with a good moisturizing lotion to soothe it.

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