Say YES to Sexy Night Wear and NO to High Heels!

Most of the women have pressed on this link just by the title to check whether the heading is organic or just a clickbait. Let me burst the bubble, this is an organic topic that we will discuss in today’s blog. A majority of women swear by high heels, and they can literally smack the face of the person who comes between them and their high heels. There are no bets but a pair of high heels look mesmerizing and altogether beautify the personality and the overall attire of the wearer.

This being said, constantly wearing high heels can land your feet in trouble, and in extreme cases, can also necessitate medical attention. At Billebon, we consider it our responsibility to shed light on the topics that are in some way or the other crucial to women. We have already discussed topics such as menstruation, vaginal hygiene, sex myths, breast cancer, hair removal, and others.

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed simple tips that help you circumvent breast cancer.


In this blog, let's understand the hazards that wearing high heels can bring to us.

In the first place, we all can agree on one thing that high heels are extremely uncomfortable to wear, yet the desire to make your feet look more beautiful lures us to step in these beautiful pieces of discomfort. The immediate drawback of walking in high heels for a longer time is the pain in the ankle, and blisters. However, many women are ready to pay this small cost, and are still ready to wear high heels whenever the next occasion arrives. It’s like night dress for women sexy and special nights, high heels and occasions which need dressing up go hand in hand.

Secondly, wearing ring high heels for too long can result in an ankle injury or a stress fracture, and this can also lead to Achilles Tendon. Normally, spending even an hour in a pair of high heels results in foot pain. This can differ a bit here and there depending upon how acclimatized a woman is in high heels, her body weight, heel types and other factors. But sooner or later wearing a pair of high heels becomes painful. This pain results as the weight of your body is distributed to the balls of the feet, and may even extend to the toes, if worn longer. If you are someone who regularly wears high heels, we have bad news. Frequently wearing high heels may stiffen your Achilles Tendon that may result in difficulty with walking. However, we have good news as well. If you cannot skip wearing high heels, you can visit a podiatrist, and learn a few stretches that relieve your feet from the pain. Practice these stretches every day.

Which body parts does wearing high heels affect?

Ankle Joints

Shortens and stiffens Achilles Tendon

Feet Balls

Stress in Knees due to constant bending

Wearing high heels for longer times reduces the spine’s shock-absorbing capacity which results in backache.

Things to Consider while wearing High Heels

Do not wear them every day, give your feet some off-time to relax.

Wear thicker heels rather than stilettos.

Add inserts in your heels as they provide extra comfort and cushion to your feet.

Lastly, take care of your feet, and do not forget to browse our website for a stunning collection of night dress women sexy.