Buy lace underwear and bra set in India and follow these tips to save yourself from breast cancer!

Our blogs do not solely aim in promoting our products but also intent to educate and aware the readers with vital topics related to womanhood. There are several issues today as well that are not considered competent to be discussed on the dinner table in a number of Indian families, and most of these topics revolve around sex, menstruation, or the body parts that play in these acts. A bunch of people still treat penis, vagina, and a woman’s breast as the body parts that are only related to sex, and refuse to see beyond.

At Billebon, we have never shied away from discussing such issues that revolve around sex, menstrual and vaginal hygiene, breast cancer, and others. In one of our previous blogs, we have discussed breast cancer at length.


Breast cancer is an issue to worry especially for the females, as it is the second-most cancer occurring in women after skin cancer. There are minor signs that you can yourself notice if you examine your breasts prudently, and do not ignore any such sign. Breast cancer is completely curable if detected in the early stages.

If you notice any lump formation in any of your boobs, or sudden change in size and colour of your breasts, or pigmentation or decolorization in the areas surrounding your nipple, or a chronic pain in your both or either of your breasts, see a doctor immediately.

As the saying goes, preventive measures are better than running for the cure later. Here are some precautions that can help you stay away from breast cancer.


Like your hair and skin need hydration, the skin on your breasts is no exception. In fact, the skin on your boobs and around the nipples is extremely sensitive, and needs special care. Apply a good layer of moisturizer on your boobs to keep the skin there hydrated. In case you notice any redness or rash, immediately change the cream as it might not be suiting you.

Bra Size Matters

While shopping for bra and panty sets cheap, make sure to purchase the right-fitting bra. Wearing a well-fitted bra is vital or else your breast tissues will start stretching if they do not get the right support. Thus, never compromise with a wrong-fitting bra or else it will lead to severe complications in the future.


The nodes in your breasts carry a fluid known as lymph that helps in fighting illness. When you massage your boobs, the blocked fluids are distressed and opened. Use a body lotion and massage your breasts for a few minutes in the direction of your heart. This lets your breast breathe, and you can also self-analyze your breasts while doing so.

Augment Vitamin Intake

Many studies suggest that lack of Vitamin D makes many women fall prey to breast cancer. A better vitamin D intake guarantees higher survival rates even if breast cancer develops in that woman. Thus, consume more foods like salmon, mackerel, egg yolks, red meat, and others.

Lastly, always keep a check on your breast for any sudden changes as these may be the signs. Do not forget to browse through our website and check our amazing collection of panty bra set for bridal in India.