Neck Pillow for Travelling and Other Essentials for Your Monsoon Wanderlust!

Earth, sky, plants, animals and humans all celebrate when the clouds burst, and there is a shower of rain from the sky. After the extreme summer heat, the monsoon brings a much-needed shift in the climate and cools down the atmosphere. Apart from this, how can we forget the romantic angle that both Bollywood and Hollywood have inscribed in our minds through songs and romantic rainy scenes? There is no denying that the monsoon is a season of joy and happiness, regardless of roadblocks due to potholes, frequent electricity cuts, and water-logging, but let's see the good part first. Monsoon also opens the door to many natural beauty spots in and around your city or town, making long drives and weekend stays more fun. This blog highlights travel essentials for monsoons such as rainy supplies, neck pillows for travelling and others.

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Let's start digging into the list of travel essentials for your monsoon outings.

Rainy Supplies

Whether it is a one-day trip, a weekend staycation or a trip for a few days, when you are travelling in the rainy season, rainy supplies such as rubber footwear, umbrellas, and raincoats are a must-have. Moreover, if you are stepping outdoors for college, work or something as basic as grocery shopping, do not forget to carry your umbrella or wear a raincoat, whether it is raining or not. Monsoon in India is extreme and unpredictable; at one point, it will look like a sunny day and in the next few seconds, it will be raining cats and dogs. Also, drenching in the rain when you plan for it is fun. However, accidental drenching is messy. If you are travelling for a weekend staycation or a long vacation, there will be plenty of moments when you do not want to be drenched, and it is raining heavily outside.

Thus, no monsoon wanderlust can be successful without carrying the monsoon essentials such as raincoats and umbrellas.

Neck Pillow for Travelling

Not for a one-day trip, but a neck pillow for travelling is essential if you are headed overnight or on a long vacation. No matter what season it is, a neck pillow for travelling is something that you cannot skip from your travel luggage. It supports your head while sleeping without stressing your back, neck or shoulders. Moreover, rainy seasons mean camping and short trekking sessions; here, a neck pillow for travelling can work as a night pillow as well, thus, reducing some weight from your shoulders.

Emergency Lights and Candles

No matter which part of the country you live in or which part you are travelling to, electricity cuts are a common plight during the rainy season. So, if you are camping near a lake or a river or have been to some remote location with no 5-star or 3-star hotels, carrying emergency lights and candles with you will come in handy in case of a power cut situation at your hotel or camp.

Carry these essentials even when you are camping, trekking or remote location, irrespective of the season you are travelling in, and you will thank us later.

Kettle and Thermos

What is a long drive, rainy day, or evening without a cup of hot chai? If you are heading for a long drive, not along the highway, a kettle of hot tea comes in handy if you do not find any roadside tea stall travelling from point A to point B. If you have a hot tiffin box at home that keeps food hot for a long time, you can also pack some fritters to go along with your tea. Parking your car on a vacant road when it is heavily raining outside, playing soft music in your car, and enjoying the weather while sipping a hot cup of tea and some pakoras is one of the most memorable things that you can do in your lifetime. Also, let’s not forget how romantic this setting is to confess your love or propose to someone.

Extra Clothes

Again, let’s not consider the number of days you are headed for a vacation, but travelling in monsoon when you are not heading home the same night means you need to pack extra clothes. As we mentioned, there can be many accidental drenching situations, and you do not want to stay in wet clothes or wear something you have already worn on the trip. Thus, extra clothes are essential you cannot skip, especially in monsoons.


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Lastly, the monsoon brings a variety of viral numbers, and many people also suffer from gastro problems due to overstuffing pakoras or other snacks from roadside shops. Moreover, as you travel, you will drench in the rain, which opens the door for cough, cold or fewer, and in case of excessive munching, you might suffer from acidity or gastric problems. Thus, carrying some common medicines in a doctor's consultation is a good way not to make your trip a mess due to health issues.


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Happy Travelling, Happy Monsoon!