6 Tips for Long-Lasting Women Innerwear

What are the things closest to a woman? Think, think, any guesses? The most practical answer is women innerwear! Yes, if you had some philosophical answers on your mind, you are mistaken because technically, a bra and a panty are the two closest things to a woman's body, and we are not even debating on this. In a personified manner also, a perfect-fitting lingerie set is near to a woman's heart and the happiness after finding a right-fit bra or panty is evidence of this.

Women love their innerwear, and there is no second thought to it. Every woman has a different body type. Though we can group them under general categories such as hourglass, peach, and others, one woman's peach body type is still slightly different from another woman's. In simple words, hunting for a perfect-fitting women's innerwear is a tough job every time, and finding one is a real victory for women.

However, one question that often strikes my mind is, do Indian women take attentive care of their regular and sexy lingerie to make it last longer? In my opinion, a majority of women in India do not put in efforts to prudently wash, dry and store their bra and panty sets to increase their longevity.

We have often highlighted topics such as PCOS, vaginal care, and other issues that interest women. So, how could we not discuss these amazing tips that will help you in making your lingerie last longer?


6 Ways to Enhance the Life of Women Innerwear

  • Hand Wash Only

We are not talking only about lace, satin, or an expensive set of sexy lingerie here. Still, we are including every kind of lingerie in your wardrobe, including sexy and regular bra and panty sets. Washing women innerwear in a washing machine ruins the elasticity of lingerie and reduces their life span. Another important reason to not wash your bras in a washing machine is to protect your machine from being damaged due to the hooks and clips of a bra. In other words, washing a bra in a washing machine destroys the bra and the machine.

Washing women underwear and the bra is not that time-consuming, and you can easily do it in a few minutes while bathing. However, if your regime does not allow you that much time, you can wash your lingerie in a machine, but make sure you do it only by placing it in a lingerie bag. They are easily available both online and offline and are specially designed for washing lingerie in a machine and storing them well in a wardrobe.

  • Give Them a Break

This rule is for the bras, as we tend to change our panties every day, and if you do not, please start doing it, or your vagina will have to pay for it in the long run. Coming back to bras, generally, a majority of women have their favourite bras and binge on them for days in a row. If you wear the same bra daily, you will ruin it and soon need to get new ones as the old one will become useless. It has been proved that elastic requires time to regain its shape, and if you repeat the same bra daily, you are not giving it enough time to breathe and regain its shape. Thus, your favourite bra will soon lose its shape and become useless. Thus, keep a set of bras in rotation and never repeat the same bra for two days.

  • Frequency of Washing

Your panty needs to be washed after every use, which is a rule you should never skip. On the other hand, wash a bra every 2-3 years, as over-washing bras shorten their lifespan. However, in the months of summer or when you have induced in physical activities resulting in too much sweat, there can be exceptions, and you can wash your bra more often.

  • Period Calls for Dark Panties

We are against every menstrual stereotype, but we see the logic here. The older women in your family might have told you to wear dark bottoms and panties during menstruation, and let me tell you; it is not baseless. Contemporary menstrual supplies such as pads, tampons, and menstrual cups have made chums more comfortable, but there is no 100% guarantee of zero leakage or spots every time you wear them. You might have experienced overflowing pads or spotting even with a tampon or a cup, and the first thing that it comes in contact with is your panty. Thus, wearing light-coloured women underwear while menstruating will ruin it, as getting those stains completely off is next to impossible.

Thus, wearing dark panties is a better option.

  • No Direct Sunlight

Take special care while drying your regular and sexy lingerie. Do not dry them in places with direct sunlight as it may ruin their colour. Dry your bras and panties where there is the most delicate sunlight, and if there is no such spot in your house, dry them beneath a scarf or a dupatta to avoid the sun's direct exposure.


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  • Avoid Heavy Chemicals

Do not wash women innerwear with detergents that are loaded with chemicals. It ruins the texture and elasticity of the lingerie and is also harmful from a health angle.