Step in a sexy dress and other ways to make a Monsoon night special!

Monsoon is a season of love and romance, and there are numerous Bollywood and Hollywood movie scenes that prove this notion correct. Most parts of the country have witnessed mild showers, and the full-fledged monsoon is on-set. If you are in love, this is the season filled with nights that require no extravagant efforts to turn into romantic ones. Imagine a Sunday afternoon when it's raining heavily; you and your partner are sitting hand in hand in a cosy living room with some tea and cakes and some light music in the background. Can anything be more romantic than this unplanned date? This is the magic of the monsoon! Suppose just a few light showers transform a regular Sunday afternoon into a romantic affair. In that case, a little effort from your end, like wearing a sexy dress for him, decorating the room with candles or fairy lights, or a late-night drive, can make a rainy night full of magical moments.

At Billebon, we believe in celebrating the moment we are in and trying to enjoy the present rather than stressing about the future. In our previous blogs, we have highlighted our monsoon special lingerie recommendation. In this one, we have listed tips to make a regular rainy night an epitome of romance.

Sexy Dress and A Long Drive

Whether it is a weekday or a weekend, keep your routine life away for a night. Step in a sexy dress, sit on the driver's seat and take him on a long drive. Heavy rain, less busy roads, eating something spicy from a roadside vendor with some soft music playing in your car. Rain is best enjoyed with a cup of hot tea and your lover's hand in your hand. Moreover, your sexy dress will complete the circle of seduction, and be ready for a smoking hot lovemaking session on a lonely road in your car.

Smuggle Next to Him

Make hot chocolate with some spicy chips or any other munching option of your choice, change into something comfortable, open the windows and let the cool breeze flow in. Smuggle in a quilt with him, sipping hot chocolate, soft lo-fi songs playing in the background, watch the rainfall, and enjoy the best version of nature with the best person in your life. Love and romance are not always about passionate kisses and sensual lovemaking or non-stop chatter and a lot of discussions; at times, hold each other's hands, enjoy the moment and let the silence do the talking.

Cook Dinner Together

It is raining heavily, and both of you either managed a half-day or a day off due to water-logging or whatever reason. Make the most of this evening not just by binge-watching movies or web series but by spending quality time with each other. Sex and rain are fun, but talking your heart out to the person you love, leg-pulling each other and cooking food for each other works as a stressbuster in longevity. Thus, this monsoon makes sure the rains not only bring endless sex but limitless chats, laughter and cooking sessions with it.

A Night by the Waterfall

No matter where you live in India, heavy rains initiate many big and small waterfalls. Find such hidden gems and spend an evening drenching in a waterfall that is seldom known to many. You get to experience nature at its best and a good amount of quality time with your partner. Also, if you are the only Adam and Eve there, you might also get some scope to fulfil your and his wild fantasies in nature.

A Night of Surprises

It is raining heavily outdoors; he is tired due to the long traffic due to water logging, and he had a rough day at work. Make this night a night about him. Get him his favourite snacks, cook his go-to dinner and wear a sexy night dress for women that he loves. When you are in the bedroom, massage his back and foot gently, and let the romance get hotter.

Sneak Out with Him

This one's for couples who live with their family members. Do not tell anyone and make sure nobody finds out. Sneak out with him, go on a long drive, indulge in some late-night tea and savouries at a highway restaurant or a roadside vendor, get drenched in the rain, come back home, and do all these without any of your family members ever knowing about this night adventure. Make your relationship fresh and youthful, and this can be done only by skipping the monotone now and then.


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Marriage is not the final destination of love, and it does not mean you need not put in the effort as you did before. Love is a constant process and needs to be nurtured. The day you stop doing it is the day your love starts fading. Thus, every season is a season of love, and enjoy every moment with your partner.

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