Mistakes to Avoid When You Buy a Bra Online!

Some women cannot stay away from bras even when indoors, while others wear them as an obligation and wait to go back home and step out of a bra. No matter what kind of relationship you share with your bra, it is an integral part of every woman's life. As the fashion industry has burgeoned, and there is an eclectic variety of tops and dresses available today, the variety of bras too has increased to set them in the right way. In simpler words, there is a perfect bra tailor-made from every neck and backline in a top or a dress. However, when there is so much to choose from, a user can easily invest in the wrong one. Thus, there are many parameters to look out for when you buy a bra online, as a wrong bra has severe health hazards on the wearer.

As bras have become more complicated – padded or non-padded, wired or non-wired, thick straps or strapless, the choices increase, and so do the health implications of wearing the wrong one. Billebon is a conscious lingerie brand, and time and again, has focused on important topics such as breast cancer, menstrual hygiene, vaginal health, PCOS, etc., to keep our women readers well-informed.

Things to Consider when you Buy a Bra Online

Whether you want to buy regular or sexy lingerie in India, there are some parameters that you thoroughly need to consider. Firstly, the bra's fit is of primary importance, as it makes or breaks the game. A loose bra will make you look and feel clumsy, while tight bras will make you uncomfortable and result in aches in your back, chest, and shoulders. Thus, the right fit is the only hit.

Secondly, the strap pattern and the hook quality alongside the fabric quality of the bra are vital if you have heavier breasts, its better to buy a luxury bra and panty sets in India with thick straps to avoid shoulder aches.

What can a wrong bra do?

Most women hate bras but have to wear them helplessly as they support and shape the breasts. However, a wrong bra can create havoc in your life apart from the prima facie pain it brings.

Here are the mistakes and the ill effects of wearing the wrong bra.

Wrong Bra Size

Every lingerie brand offers different sizes and measurements in a bra. Thus, one size in a particular brand is not a universal size across all the brands, and you will be a different size in different brands. Thus, every time before you buy a bra online or offline, measure your breasts yourself and then finalize the one. This will save you from investing in a wrong bra and the pain resulting from wearing a tighter bra or sagging boobs due to a loose bra.

Chronic pain due to Bras

Debunking a bra myth – the straps and back band of a bra offers support to the breasts and not the cups, as the majority believe. Thus, an ill-fitting bra can cause chronic backache and pinched nerves in the neck.

Ill-effects on the Lymphatic System

A study conducted at Bristol University suggests bras affect the lymphatic nerve system, which throws toxins from the body. If the toxins are not flushed, they flood the mammary glands and result in cancer. Thus, when you buy a luxury bra and panty sets in India, consider this ill-effect.

Breathing Problems owing to Stress on Bones

Have you tried putting on an ill-fitted bra? You might experience problems in breathing. An ill-fit bra puts stress on your bones and muscles, resulting in breathing problems. Do not underestimate this hazard, as wearing ill-fitted bras for a long time can result in chronic breathing problems.

Impact on Digestion

Did you know tight-fitting bras can put extra pressure on your diaphragm, negatively affecting your digestion process?


Most of us have had these due to a bra. However, please do not take it lightly, as wearing bras for the longest time of the day can give rise to fungal infections.

Internal Breast Injury

If a bra pushes the breasts constantly towards the ribcage, wearing such bras for a long time can result in internal breast injury.

Sleeping with a bra on

Debunking a bra myth – having a bra on does not better the shape of your boobs; in fact, it negatively impacts your health.

However, if you are habitual to wearing a bra to bed, opt for loose bralettes that do not fit tight on your upper body and give you the feeling of not letting your boobs loose.

In a nutshell, everything that comes in closer proximity to your body affects your health, and your undergarments are no exception to this rule. Thus, when you buy a regular or luxury bra and panty sets in India, make sure to analyze it well before finalizing it.