Everything About Breast Cancer!

At Billebon, we not only celebrate womanhood with lingerie but also make sure to highlight the common problems women face such as intimate care, menstruation problems, PCOS and others.

In the past blogs, I have discussed PCOS at length.


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As lingerie is a vital part in a woman’s life, every woman should also be aware of symptoms and other information related to breast cancer.

What is Breast Cancer

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer forms cancer in the breast cells. Unlike the common belief, both men and women are prone to breast cancer, though women are more likely to suffer from it. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer that women suffer from after skin cancer.

Initially, due to lack of awareness related to breast cancer, many women lost their lives while battling it. However, now due to the growing awareness and more funding for research and treatment in this field, the number of women successfully winning over breast cancer is far more than the ones who succumb.

symptoms of breast cancer

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

If breast cancer is detected at an early stage, combatting it is an easy task then. Here are the few signs that can serve as a parameter to check breast cancer.

The initial signs of breast cancer may include-

A lump in the breast or a particular type of thickening in a specific area in the breast

A sudden change in the appearance, size or shape of a boob or both the boobs

Changes in the skin surrounding the breasts

Appearance of a inverted nipple

Flaking, scaling or peeling of the skin in the areola that is the pigmented part near the nipple

Redness and peeling off of the breast skin

Different women might experience different sets of above symptoms. Some might experience them all, while others may experience a few. Staying alert and noticing your breast for any sudden changes is the key. Thus, the next time you gift a woman in your life with the best night wears for ladies in India or anything else, remember to give her a piece of knowledge related to breast cancer as well.

Even a small noticeable change in your breasts can serve as an initial indicator that something is wrong. Thus, do not ignore it as something insignificant and make an appointment with a doctor immediately.

Lastly, as I previously mentioned, though men are less prone to breast cancer, it does not mean that they are immune to it. Thus, men too must be aware of these initial signs and if they experience any of it, immediately see a doctor.

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