Latest tops for women and other February must-haves!

The month of transition is here, and most parts of the country will shift from colder to warmer temperature. As the season changes, your wardrobe essentials such as sexy lingerie, skincare and haircare, and latest tops for women should also follow the change.

At Billebon, we celebrate womanhood, and we know every woman’s go-to fun activity is shopping. So, we bring to you a list of products that are a must-have for February. Grab a pen and paper, and start taking notes my dear women.

Sexy women underwear and bra sets

There is no right time or season for sexy lingerie. A few varieties of bra and panties are evergreen. Every day deserves a sassy women's underwear and bra set. However, in winter most of your sexy lingerie was hiding under layers of jackets and sweaters, winter is finally fading. You can now rock your sexy bra and panty sets as a stunning nightwear option for Valentine’s or any other special nights. Thus, hop online and fill your carts with the sexiest women underwear and bras.

Hydrating skincare and haircare products

As the season transits, your skincare and haircare products too need to switch. In winters, your skincare and haircare should have more oil elements to deal with the extra dryness that results in your skin and hair. However, as we switch to summers, hydration becomes more essential as hot weather robs the skin and hair of its natural moisture. Thus, one of the most important February essentials are moisturizing skincare and haircare products.

Larger and cuter sippers

Staying hydrated every day is the need of our body, but most of us compromise on our water intake in the winters as we feel less thirsty, and drinking more water leads to more urination. However, as February marks the welcoming month for summer, it is essential to keep a check on your water intake. If you are anything like the majority of girls like me, sipping water from cute sippers is more fun. Thus, grab yourself a cute, extra-large sipper for your daily dose of water.

A Netflix subscription

If you do not have one already, sign-up for Netflix asap. Netflix is releasing some of the most-awaited projects both from international and Indian makers, and you cannot afford to miss these. Moreover, February is also a month of celebrating love, and Netflix is flooded with movies and web series that celebrate romance and love.

Coffee frothier

This is not a must-have for February alone, but every day of every month of every year if you are a coffee-lover. Spending tons on a coffee is not that cooler as you become more mature, and a coffee frothier makes your home-made coffee as frothier as the ones your favorite café sells. So, save those extra bucks and treat yourself and your friends with the best coffee at home.


Wax beans

Most of us have spent winters wearing long dresses or jeans and joggers or woolen stockings to keep our legs warmer when outdoors. Now that we are about to bid ado to the winters, let's welcome winters with bare legs. Now that all the sleeveless tops and dresses and shorts will breathe in your everyday wardrobe again, its time to groom your arms and legs again. Most of us hid this unwanted hair under the long sleeves and bottoms during the winters. Before you embrace your short and sleeveless outfits again, get some wax beans and rip off those unwanted hair.

Sexy night dress for women

The month of love is here, and every couple has to make the most of it. The easiest way to enhance your bedroom life is by slipping in a sexy night dress for women every now and then. Now that winter is going, start refreshing your wardrobe with a range of hot nighties for women.

Floral summer dresses

The bright summer days are approaching, and what is better than welcoming the season with cute little floral dresses. If you have not started hunting for these beauties yet, grab your phone or drop by a store now. No summer is ever complete without a range of floral outfits.

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Latest tops for women

Do you even need a reason to shop for these beauties? One thing that every woman wearing western wear regularly has in abundance are the latest tops for women. As the weather is switching, your woolen tops, jackets and hoodies will pave the way for the cooler version to embrace summers. Thus, trendy tops for women are the need of the hour for every wardrobe. Puffy sleeves, off-shoulder and one-shoulder tops, cotton shrugs and jackets and the list go on and on.


February is one of my favorite months as it is neither hot nor cold. Get the right essentials for a fabulous February.