Bonuses of shopping nighty for women online!

Online shopping is the enormous rage of the decade worldwide, and India is equally leading in this spectrum. A decade or two ago, could you even imagine not stepping out of your house and getting everything from accessories, clothing to food items delivered to your doorstep. No, and now online shopping has become a pet peeve of everyone. E-commerce has digitized and transformed the flow of commerce and has given a fair chance to every prospect to own a shop without worrying about the excessive capital needed in the traditional mode of commerce. Additionally, e-commerce proved to be a game-changer for the lingerie industry, especially in India and other Asian countries where sex and hot lingerie are considered taboo. It was easier and less embarrassing to shop for nighty for women online.

Billebon, too, is a boon of this cutting-edge transformation in the barter system world. The primary reason for our establishment was to bring the best quality sexy lingerie in the budget range of every woman in India, and we have successfully surpassed that goal. We also aim to inform women about every topic crucial to womanhood. This is also one prime reason why our clientele love shopping with us.

In this blog, we assess the benefits of shopping online with a detailed focus on lingerie.

The blooming online market in Pandemic

E-commerce had already reached its apex by 208-2019, and online business had emerged as an easier way to launch products and services online. However, March 2020 brought a unique situation in the country, when the whole nation was locked indoors. Potential of online businesses was felt, and the world knew there was nothing that could now stop the dictatorship of e-commerce.

Have you analyzed why online shopping has become such a boon?


Advantages of shopping nighty for women online

Endless Options

No traditional store can ever have the same number of options compared to its online store. In simpler words, physical things need space, and digital stores can display millions of items simultaneously in the same space. For example – a traditional store dealing in hot night dresses for women can at any given time display only X number of lingerie pieces in the store. This X number is equal to the total square area of the store. On the other hand, there is no physical limitation in displaying products online.

Anywhere Anytime

Online stores are open 24/7, and you can shop wherever and whenever you want. There are no open and shut timing rules that you need to follow. In the traditional form of shopping, you need to physically travel to the store, roam around and select the goods you want, get in the queue to pay, and then finally pay. In online shopping, all this happens with a few clicks.

Flexible Return and Exchange

Have you ever tried returning or exchanging a good or a clothing item in a traditional store? If you have, you know it is a battle in itself. In online shopping, 90% of brands dealing in most categories allow the buyer to exchange or return the product in case of any inefficiency or other issue without any questions if the product has all the tags and the bill intact. This is a real consumer superpower. Moreover, lingerie is a clothing item no traditional store allows exchange or return. In India, only high-end brand stores offer trial rooms to let the buyer feel and see exactly how well the lingerie fits. Thus, in all the other cases, it is mere guesswork. However, most online lingerie stores offer a no-question return or exchange for basic lingerie or sexy nightdress.

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No Awkward Stares

Being a woman in India is difficult for many reasons- the stares, the taboos, and the stereotypes. If we keep the high-end lingerie stores aside, all the other bra and panty shops mostly have salesmen and not women. Many of these men are creeps, and the shopkeepers ignore this fact. The constant stares and giggles they share when any consumer goes through a sexy bra and panty set or a hot night dress for women are creepy enough to make her highly uncomfortable; when you shop for a nighty for women online, it's just you who is browsing and seeing these beauties without any creepy interventions.

No one is looking

As I mentioned earlier, there is a list of taboos around women. Our undergarments are not spared. If a narrow-minded aunty or uncle spots you buying a hot night dress for women, they will stare or giggle at you at least the following ten times when they see you again. This is not the case when you shop for a sexy nighty for women online.

Online shopping is a blessing for the lingerie industry and the women in India, and there is no denial of this fact.