How Digital Shopping Changed The Lingerie's Game

Looking for the best nightdress in India has been a struggle for most ladies who often blush at the sight of being caught purchasing a good piece of lingerie. It has been one of the taboos in the country which made it difficult to find the right one as there's no such thing as a 'one size fit all' when it comes to choosing the one.

The lack of supervision when it comes to lingerie shopping has led more and more women to stray away from the fantastic world of lingerie with cup sizes that don't fit and designs that are not flattering to one's body types.

This challenge made it difficult for companies to meet their clients halfway but things have changed with the introduction of social media.

It has allowed various Indian companies like Billebon to post their products online with all the information that a woman could need such as dimension, materials, and price. This allowed their shopping experience to be discreet and comfortable. Women were now slowly saying goodbye to the embarrassment of shopping for lingerie in a physical store where one has to be quick enough not to get noticed.

What's even better is that it did not only accommodate women but men as well who want to look for the best night dress for his wife can also browse through Billebon's selection without judgment from the outside world. This, in a sense, normalized a deep-seated taboo.

Furthermore, world-renowned social media applications like Instagram introduced the general Indian population to various influencers and celebrities who are paid to advertise lingerie and hence, starting a revolutionary move as it opened the conversation on how to access one without fear and discomfort.

Though it did not happen overnight, it definitely changed the way people view lingerie and in a sense allowed more individuals to become more open-minded on the topic.

As a brand that wants to become a member of the progressive change in the search for the best cotton nighties online in India, Billebon has stepped up to the challenged and made browsing even better.

Billebon categorized all of its products based on style, fabric, packs, and a naughty combo for special occasions. This allowed its consumers to choose which one to choose based on what they primarily look for in a piece of bra and underwear. Moreover, they've also included accessories for men such as ties, bows, and pocket squares along with other necessities such as neck pillows and even a protective gear for the novel COVID 19.

A lot of positive changes has happened since women started taking a shift from the traditional mode of shopping for their needs to the digital world where lingerie does not need to be all about support - it can also be about feeling confident and expressing one's creativity in and out of the sheets. It is then safe to say that this is just the beginning of ending a negative stigma over women’s body and the start of fully celebrating it.