Air travel pillow and other March essentials for men!

Every month brings in different flavours to our life. Thus, every month necessitates a few essentials that help us make the month more beautiful and comfortable. Most of the blogs focus on monthly must-haves only for women, but Billebon believes in gender equality. Thus, each month we bring in a list of essentials for both men and women. As summer is here, travel plans will become more extensive with your gang. If you want to sleep comfortably while travelling, an air travel pillow is an essential you cannot skip.

In this blog, we have listed all the essentials for men to make the month of March more magical.

Classy Water Bottles

As March marks the beginning of summers, you know it is going to get hotter and hotter as the days pass by. Adequate water intake is essential for every individual each day, but summers necessitate hydration on a higher level. As the weather becomes hotter, the body starts losing water in sweat, and hydration becomes essential. Thus, grab some funky sippers or water bottles that you can carry everywhere and keep yourself properly hydrated.


We are welcoming the hot, griming sun, and it is crucial to be ready for the scratching heat that the summers have in store. Get a good sunscreen with SPF 30 that protects your skin from tanning or sunburns. In addition, do not take the ill effects of skin exposure to sunlight, as in severe cases, it may even lead to skin cancer. Thus, no matter what hour of the day it is or how bright the sun outside is, you need to put on a layer of sunscreen if you are stepping outdoors.

Moisturizing skincare and haircare products

As mentioned earlier, summers mean excessive dehydration, and you need to take special care to keep your body hydrated. Similarly, you also need to pamper your skin and hair with moisturizing products that hydrate and nourish your skin and hair.

Denim Shorts

Summer means hopping from beaches to the hill stations. March triggers a different wave of vacations. So, as the winters are gone, get your denim shorts and cotton shirts, pack your bag and start your vacay.

Air Travel Pillow

If we talk about vacation and travelling, how can we not talk about air travel pillows? Whether it is air travel to a faraway destination, a sleepover in a train, or a road trip with your gang, a neck support pillow got your back (in the literal sense). It lets you sleep comfortably by supporting your head and not stressing your back, neck, or shoulders. Also, there are customized neck travel pillows available that come with hoodies, Bluetooth headphones, or speakers.

Bright Socks

March is a month of bright colours, the weather is cheerful all around, and it is only fair that you too blend in the colour palette of nature and the weather around. So buy some bright yellow, blue, and orange socks, and pair them with your denim shorts for a vacay or a regular outing. You can also wear them under your formal suit as they hide beneath the trousers. Be a gentleman, but always keep your boyish charm on.

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Floral Shirts

It is almost spring, and fresh flowers and leaves are blooming around. But, as I mentioned earlier, you need to match the weather approximately. So, pack your solid-colored turtle-necks in a bag for the coming winter, and indulge in some floral shirts and T-shirts.

Tie and Dye Apparels

One trend ruling the apparel market throughout is the tie and dye trend. Whether it is shirts and T-shirts or ethnic kurtas, tie and dye have been a rage in every apparel industry for both men and women. So you can replace your tie and dye sweatpants and hoodies with tie and dye shorts and T-shirts.


The weather will be breezy around, and if your March involves a lot of bike rides, funky bandanas are something you cannot skip. They keep your hair in place and also make a great style quotient.

Bow ties for men

Lastly, bow ties for men are like hair accessories are for women. You wear them once in a blue moon, but collecting them is fun. Moreover, I do not mean only the formal ties by bow ties. Bows are available in a range of funky shades and prints. You can pair these with your round-neck T-shirts and slay your vacation look as well. Unfortunately, when it comes to formal accessories, there are many things men are still missing out on. So, now when you indulge in ties online shopping, make sure to browse through the funky ones.