The Reasons for Sexless Marriages in India, and how can backless lingerie for women help?

In a blog we posted a few months ago, we discussed some simple tips that can help you enhance the physical intimacy between you and your partner and bring back the romance you had in the initial years of your marriage.


However, the number of sexless marriages today in India is way higher in number than in the past, and often young couples are losing interest in sex in the initial stages of their marriage.

In this article, let's analyze the reasons for the augmenting of sexless marriages in the country, and the steps that can help resolve this issue to some extent.

Medical Issues

A man's or a woman’s physical and mental well-being majorly affects their libido and their sexual desires. This negatively also ramifies their arousal. Many medicines have side effects on the sexual drive, and if any one of the partners is on any such medications, the reason for his/her failure to participate in sexual activities is obvious. In such cases, the other partner must be patient until the course is complete or should consult the doctor for alternates.

Differing Needs

Not every man and woman desire sex in the same amounts, and this is a very common reason for argument between couples. Both the partners need to understand and respect the other person’s needs and try fulfilling the same. A good solution here is to openly talk to your partner about your needs and expectations, and diligently listen to his/her as well.

Lack of Efforts

While many men complain that she no longer dresses up for nights, women complain that he is just not ready to leave his phone alone. This is just an example, and various couples have varying expectations when it comes to efforts. A woman can take some effort and dress up in a transparent dress for women, while men can keep their phone away at bedtime and give all their attention to her. As I said this is just an illustration, your problem might be different, and the best way to resolve it is by keeping your hearts out before each other.


If either of the partners has ever been a victim of sexual abuse, that incident is going to leave deep scars, and remember nothing, but your love and patience can heal those. You can also take help from therapists or psychologists to help your partner get away from that nightmare.

Anxiety and Stress

If either one of the partners is going through any stress related to finances, professional commitments, or personal life, sex is going to be the last thing on their mind. You can talk to them about the things stressing them or try lightening their mood.


I cannot tell you the number of men and women complaining about the lost sexual charm in their marriage after having babies. Either the parents get too overwhelmed after the childbirth, or they fail to spare time for each other, or the children sleep with them making either both or one of the parents skeptical to a level that they completely refrain from any form of sexual intercourse. In such situations, make sure to make your kid/s sleep in other rooms after a particular age, and if that is not possible at least make them sleep at a distance from you two.

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