The Obsession with Black Sexy night dress for girls And Others!

Do you ever wonder why few colours are placed at the pinnacle of the colour table or are considered as the basic colors or usually referred to as safe colours? Blue, Black, Red and White are not just colours, they are sort of emotions and there are very few people on the planet who do not own a single clothing item in any of these shades.

In a past blog, I tried to find out the obsession of red sexy wear for special nights.


In this one let's analyze the obsession with BLACK- The Global Favorite colour. Black is classy, sexy, beautiful and all the other adjectives for stunning. From cars to underwear to eye makeup, black is literally sizzling there in everything. Black can never be dull or boring, in fact if you are bored, wearing something in black will lift up your mood instantly.

When you talk about clothing, everything from ethnic wear to the best night dress for women comes in Black. Any simple outfit can stand out in a crowd of stellar apparels, if it is in black.

Who made BLACK such a powerful colour?

Why do we feel so Empowered after wearing black?

Why does BLACK charm the on-looker the way it does?

Let’s try finding our answers with the help of some scientific and psychological approach.

Psychological Approach

Psychological Approach

Black cannot blend with any color, and if you try mixing the same portion of any colour except white with the same portion of black, the fusion you get is more of black than the other colour. Black is the darkest of all. Thus, humans perceive this colour as a symbol of Strength and Power. Knowingly or unknowingly your mind recognizes this fact and thus when you wear black you feel powerful and stronger than others. In many places, black is also considered a symbol of authority due to the similar psychological thought process.

Thus, from a sexy SUV to a delicate best night dress for wife and everything in between offers you an alternative in BLACK to trigger this point in your mind.

Positive and Negative

However, BLACK has both Positive and Negative Symbolizations differing from person to person, society to society. While many connect Black with Strength and Powerful, in many communities black is referred to as negativity. For instance, in India to define negative powers being used by individuals having knowledge about using them, is called ‘’Black Magic’’. Here Black directly means Negativity or Evilness.

Scientific Approach

Scientific Approach

Scientifically speaking, black is considered neither a secondary nor a primary or a tertiary colour. In fact, science does not consider black as a colour, but an absorption of all the colours from the spectrum.

Black is often referred to as Darkness as it absorbs all the light.

Finally, even if science does not validate black as an individual colour, psychologically it casts different ramifications. Thus, a huge majority of people irrespective of various distinctions still consider Black as the King of all the colours.

Billebon too loves BLACK and no one can deny Black’s sexy quotient. Thus, we offer a wholeheartedly dedicated section of best night dress online in India just in BLACK.