Sexy women lingerie & nightwear as stunning outerwear, sounds amazing? Read on to fall in love with this idea.

Sexy lingerie has always been a passion for our team at Billebon, and we thoroughly love the idea of sizzling in it outdoors as well. In our last few blogs, we have highlighted some of the best Hollywood looks from the divas like Gigi Hadid, Kim K, Kendall Jenner and a plethora of other sexy sirens who nailed the innerwear as an outerwear game.


In this blog as well, we are continuing the trend and bringing to you some more stunning inspirations to style your sexy nightwear as glamorous outdoor options.

Kim Kardashian

You should not be surprised at all by this stunner’s mention in the top of this list as she never fails to impress us with her unique and bold clothing options. For a casual stroll in New York city, she paired velvet leggings with a black bra and an open blazer.

Kendall Jenner

Following the footsteps is her younger sister who absolutely loves pairing sexy chemises with jeans. Not just once but on several occasions, Kendall has been spotted in this combo, and the hotness she brings with it, we are not even complaining.

Katy Perry

She effortlessly stole our hearts by wearing a pink slip-in lacy dress in London during a summer spree and certified slip-ins as evening dresses.

Gigi Hadid

In the first place, when does this diva fail to impress us? She paired a white bodysuit with a sheer matching gown and ruled the 2016 Los Angeles Fashion Awards red carpet.


She is known for her ultra-bold red carpet looks. The singer rocked the 2017 Billboard Music Awards in a stunning bra over a slit skirt and completed the look with above-the-knees gladiator sandals.

Bella Thorne

This stunning actress paired a strappy, black bra with low-rise denims and an unbuttoned jersey to complete the look while attending the Adidas and Manchester United Squad Unmissable event.

Are you rushing to get your hands over some versatile 2 piece night dress for women in India to recreate these looks? WAIT, we have more in store!

Bella Hadid

The Hadid sisters never fail to make a mark with their stunning ensembles. In one of the many stunning airport looks, Bella stepped at the Heathrow Airport in a white sports bra beneath a black sweatshirt paired with matching pants.

Khloe Kardashian

For a Good American event in Los Angeles, Khloe was spotted in a black lacy bodysuit and a light-wash jean, and this is an iconic look as Khole’s wax statue at the Madame Tussauds LA is also dressed in the same look.


The stunning singer paired a turtleneck top with a bra-bearing cut and gave us some hints of her black bra beneath for Rihanna’s Fenty PUMA show held in 2017.

Rita Ora

She paired a fishnet tank top over a black bra and a pair of ripped jeans and completed the look with an unzipped bomber jacket when spotted in London.

This is the list of inspirations for now, and before we conclude let’s not forget that a massive Pandemic is devastating our country, so do not step out without masks, sanitizers, and disposal transparent plastic gloves in India.