Let’s reinvent the way we wear 1 piece night dress for women in India!

Our lingerie obsession is for real, and we have no alms in accepting it. Over the years sexy nightwear has been used to enhance the looks of a woman only in the four walls of her bedroom, but the new lot of celebrity women have certified these sexy beauties as an equally sexy outerwear option.

In our last blog, we had taken inspiration from various Hollywood beauties who styled their sexy lingerie as a perfect red carpet or outerwear look.


In this blog as well, we continue with the same list and have a look at several other sassy looks of these beautiful women who effortlessly transform their sexy nightwear into a beautiful outerwear option.

Miley Cyrus

She dared to differ from the rest, and dressed in a white buster and boy shorts for the iHeartRadio Music Festival 2013 and impeccably paired it with a pair of sneakers. She owned this look like no one else’s business.

Serena Williams

This beauty paired a black lacy slip-in with matching boy shorts and a black bouncy skirt above it. She chooses this look for the Sports Illustrated 2015s Sportsperson of the Year event.

Sara Sampaio

Need a perfect summer outfit for a special dinner or brunch date or just a random outing? Take notes from Sara who paired a black bodysuit with a plunging neckline and a beautiful bralette and a pair of denim shorts completed this look.

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Joan Smalls

For a basic dinner date, Smalls paired a stunning pencil-cut skirt with a matching bralette and made sure to hook the eyes of her date for the night.

Ruth Negga

Negga put her unique dressing sense forward, and paired a black trouser with a matching bra and a long sheer top for a Louis Vuitton event and managed to grab eyeballs with her sassy look.

Anna Kendrick

This stunning singer and actress paired a black lacy bodysuit with a blazer and trouser, and completely owned the look at the 60th annual Granny Awards. She finished the look with a pink pair of heels.

Josephine Skriver

Skriver paired a black lacy nightgown with a matching coat and a pair of heels. She shows how flawlessly a nightgown works for the morning outings as well.

Bella Hadid

Like us, Bella too is a die-hard fan of innerwear as an outerwear dressing style. A number of Bella’s street looks have some or the other form of lingerie item in them. Hadid was spotted in a white bustier paired with high-waist jeans and an oversized jacket while strolling in the streets of Paris.


You know innerwear as an outerwear game has reached its apex when the queen herself certifies this trend. She paired frayed denim, a printed floor-length coat, a hat, and a black bra as a top. I need some more time to gauge this diva and note-worthy ensemble.

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