A majority of men in our society do not show as much interest in the discussions regarding menstruation as much they do while talking about hot night dress for ladies. Most men dread talking about it owing to the clumsiness they feel on the mention of flowing blood, while others feel that a menstruating woman can only PMS, so they altogether defame the topic as unimportant and run away from it.

However, there are many things a man can do to make her menstruating wife or girlfriend feel better.

Handle her with care

Yes, I agree during those days she can go from extremely happy to depressingly stressed in 5 seconds, but that does not mean you can pass a lame PMSing joke and get away with it. Rather, if you know she is on her periods, be a little more understanding towards her and in place of mocking her or arguing with her, give her some time to relax and make her understand your point. Her vagina is already bleeding and your arguments or lame jokes are doing her no good.

Share the load

Now this strategy applies not only during her periods but for a lifetime. As you share your love, your bond and the outdoor responsibilities, take in charge of the household responsibilities which you know you can do with ease.


Pamper her

Pamper her

It does not matter if you are not one of those husbands or boyfriends who cuddle all the time or do those hopelessly romantic gestures to make their better half feel out of this world. She will be more than happy even if you get her a pastry or an ice cream of her choice or serve her food in the bed.

Surprise text

As you already know she might be swinging between varying moods, a simple ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’ or ‘I am lucky to have you’ or any text of this sort will work wonders for her.

Show her you’re concerned

Menstrual cramps are more painful than a man can imagine so they altogether fail to address this part. Let her know that you know she is in pain. Give her a gentle massage or get her a hot water bag, even without her asking for it. Even if your massages or hot water bag will not completely help her in getting rid of the pain, she will still be happy enough to sideline them for some time.


Kick the Taboos

No matter if you are a man or a woman, you definitely might have heard tons of taboos related to periods such as no worships, no whites, not touching the pickles, not entering the kitchen and so on. If you also are a part of a culture or a family practicing such taboos, make your kin understand that all these myths are baseless and doing no good to anyone but harassing and mentally tormenting the women of the family who are menstruating.

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Many men are told or they themselves presume that a menstruating woman does not need sex. This is a sheer lie as many women feel hornier during their periods. No arguing that period sex is messy and involves a lot of clean up as the act is done, but she deserves that much so get on the bed with her.

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