Fitness tips to sizzle in a bikini or a sexy night dress for women!

Summer is here, and we have got many reasons to sizzle in a bikini by the side of the bay or a beach and rock it in the night in a sexy night dress for women. Before the pandemic, we had our schedules knit well, but the pandemic and the WFH pattern jumbled everything. Now, when the covid cases are falling and life is returning to the pre-pandemic phase, scheduling fitness and other responsibilities have become challenging again. While many are still working in WFH setups, others have started regularly working from the office, and many others are fusing WFH and office work with few days in office and few in WFH. If one thing that the pandemic has taught us is the importance of physical and mental fitness in maintaining our immunity system. Thus, irrespective of your schedule, you have to incline towards physical and mental well-being.

Whether you have a poolside bikini plan or a beach vacation ahead, or sexy nightwear reserved for a special night or not, physical fitness still needs to be a crucial part of your everyday regime.

In this blog, we have enlisted some simple tips to accelerate your journey towards fitness.

Sip more Water

The human body is 70% water, and do you still need a better reason to stay hydrated? Dehydration can lead to nausea, weakness, headaches, and giddiness. Prudent water intake is necessary for the proper physical and mental functioning of the body and plays an excellent role in staying fit. When the body is adequately hydrated, all the toxins are flushed out easily. Moreover, whenever an unnecessary hunger pang hits, drink a glass of water to submerge the urge. In this way, you drink a glass of water with zero calories and numerous benefits.


Everyone knows walking is a great and straightforward cardio exercise without a gym. Make it a habit to walk half an hour in the morning and night after dinner. It betters your metabolism and improves digestion while burning calories. Also, walk whenever and wherever possible. Got a long phone call? Walk and talk, rather than sitting and chatting. Talk steps instead of elevators and lifts. Walk for small distances in place of any other mode of transport.

WFH employees make it a point to take a 10-min break after one and a half hours. Walk around in the house and then resume again. By doing this, you do not walk an hour daily while working for 6-8 hours a day and give your eyes a break from constant screen lights.

More Greens

Green is good, and there is no second thought in this. Include more green vegetables and green juices, and smoothies in your daily intake. It will help you in shunning those extra kilos and enhance your skin and hair. Summer brings in a constant urge to sip your favourite cold drink, but this time, go for coconut water, fresh juices, and buttermilk rather than the carbon drinks made from heaps of sugar.

No Sugar in any form, whatsoever

Whenever anyone starts their journey towards fitness, the first thing they hear is, to give up on sugar. Processed white sugar is the biggest reason for all the extra fat collected in your body. Thus, you need to give up on sugar before anything else to stay fit.

Sexy moves in sexy night dress for women

Sex is one of the best and most fun ways to burn calories. One round of intercourse burns around 100 calories or more. What better reason do you need to slip under the bedsheets in a hot dress for women and grab him? To enhance this workout further, you can try some sizzling foreplay moves that help you burn more calories.

In-house exercises

Many people stay away from physical fitness as they do not want to spend a bomb on fitness machines or gym memberships. Physical fitness is not achieved by the one who owns fancy equipment or goes to gymnasiums, but anyone can achieve it with proper physical activities and a balanced diet. Divide your food into small portions and eat after every 2 hours.

Here are simple exercises that can be done at home with just a yoga mat and nothing fancy:

-      Burpees

-      Skipping

-      Planks

-      Lunges

-      Crunches

-      Yoga

Even 45 mins of working out every alternate day with a combination of these, minus all the sugary and oily junk food plus healthy eating habits, will show you a steep decline on the weighing scale.

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Hobby workout

In most cases, people start working out enthusiastically for some days, which gets tedious. So, they abruptly stop exercising. Fitness is not a short-run achievement but a lifestyle pattern that you need to adapt. One of the best ways to never give up on working out is by morphing your favourite sport into a fun workout session. If you love cycling, swimming, dancing, boxing, or any other sport, convert it into your calorie-burning sessions.

Lastly, if on days you fall short of motivation to exercise, imagine yourself sizzling in a hot dress for women. Make that figure your goal, and you are motivated again!