First night sexy dress for women and the Art of Kissing!

Sex is a topic that has still not found its way to the Indian dinner table discussions. The grown ups shy away from talking about it, the science teachers are too reluctant to explain about it in deep details, and the youngsters are so fascinated about it that they choose the wrong medium to get their sex education.

Billebon has always believed in breaking stereotypes that’s why our lingerie fits every waistline and our color palette compliments every skin tone. We have tried explaining physical intimacy to ever reader from differing viewpoints by busting some myths, and highlighting mistakes that unknowingly ruins a couple’s sex life.


In this blog, we are trying to dive deeper in this section, and are analyzing the advantages that kissing brings with it to a couple’s intimate moments. Kissing is surely an art, and the stepping stone for every foreplay and intimate session between a couple.

Here is a list of fun facts that kissing tags along.

Fat burner

You read it right, kissing burns around 6.4 calories per minute, and a passionate one can burn up to 20 calories per minute. Sounds like a good daily workout to me?

An average upgrade

In the 1980s, an average kiss lasted only for 5.5 seconds as the couple retracted from each other to gasp air. However, in the contemporary days, humans are actually nailing the art of kissing, and an average kiss passes the line of 12 seconds. Also, undressing the backless lingerie for women from their partner is an added fun for the other.

No kissing days

If you are in Michigan and Connecticut, you cannot kiss a woman in public on a Sunday. Similarly, if you are in Turkey’s capital city Ankara and travelling in a subway, you are forbidden from kissing as complying to the moral rules there.

Country-wise calculation

Sweden and Germany take the first and the second position respectively on the chart of the stingy kissing countries with a count of 4 per person per day. On the other hand, France and Italy are the highest kissers with seven kisses per day.

The scientific angle

There is a proper study conducted in the field of kissing called philematology. They have discovered that 2 out of every 3 kissers, tilt their heads to the right while indulging in the act of kissing.

Anti-Aging elixir

Doctors encourage kissing more as it decreases the pace of aging and strengthens the immune system. Not only actual kissing but even the mere thought of the act triggers the flow of saliva which helps in reducing plaque.

Lessen accidents

Many studies have concluded that people who hit the roads immediately after kissing are in a happier mood and less aggressive. This means lesser accidents.

P.S No kissing while driving.

The signs

In every country people kiss, and in many countries kissing symbolizes something. In Japan, two people kiss each other only when they want sex. On the other hand, in France, three kisses on cheeks refers to a standard welcome.

Power packed

Kissing increases your heartbeats, happiness hormones and adrenaline rushes through our blood, and more than 100 billion nerve cells are stimulated.

At the end of the day, kissing your loved ones relaxes you and is the best way to express your love. Also, visit our website to browse through an exclusive range of 1st night sexy dress for women.