Everything about the vaginal discharge that you see on your lace lingerie for women!

Yes, you read that right, we are addressing the elephant in the room – Vaginal Discharge. We live in a country where sex and everything related to it is still considered a taboo including the male and female genitals that are involved in the process. At Billebon, we are all about debunking myths and discussing the undiscussed.

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed vaginal hygiene at length.


In this blog, we are diving deeper and discussing various kinds of vaginal discharges and the signs they are associated with.

General Overview

Vaginal discharge is a normal phenomenon, but let’s not forget certain types of vaginal discharges that are an indication that there is something wrong down there.

What is an abnormal discharge?

An abnormal vaginal discharge may be green or yellow in colour, or foul smelling, or solid-liquid in consistency. If you notice any of these kinds of discharge, consult your doctor immediately for the diagnosis and the treatment.

What does the colour of the discharge indicate?


Having white discharge at the beginning or the end of your chums, and otherwise is normal. However, if the fluid has cheese-like consistency or brings with it itching and is thick in texture, it might be a sign of yeast infection.

Watery and Clear

A clear water-like vaginal discharge is completely normal, no matter at what time of the month or how many times it occurs.

Stretch but Clear

When you are ovulating, you are likely to have stretchy clear discharge in place of the watery one. This discharge that is mucous-like is a sign of ovulation, and nothing to worry about.

Blood Red or Brown

It is normal to have a blood red or a dark brown discharge when it occurs at the time or after your menstruation cycles. Many women experience a dark brown discharge at the end of their menstruation, and that is absolutely normal. Spotting which means bloody discharge is also normal while menstruating.

In case, you lately had sex without protection and spotting happens in your normal period time, this could be a sign pointing to pregnancy.

In case of pregnancy, spotting can be a bad indicator and can imply to miscarriage. Thus, consult your gynecologist immediately.

In rare circumstances, bloody or brown discharge can be an indication of cervical or endometrial cancer. Thus, having an annual pelvic examination and pep smear is vital as it checks you for any cervical abnormalities.

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Yellow or Green

In case, you experience a yellow or a green discharge that is thick or solid-like in consistency or is accompanied with foul odor, it has ABNORMAL written all over it. This can be a sign of Trichomoniasis – an infection caused due to sexual intercourse.

In conclusion, keep a check on the smell, colour and consistency of your vaginal discharge, as that can be a warning from your vagina.

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