Busting some myths revolving around women innerwear!

We often emphasize outerwear so much that we completely forget about our innerwear. Panties still are delicate, but most women share a unique love-hate relationship with a bra. Whether we like it or not, we are used to wearing it most of the time in our lives. As a result, women often ignore how bras affect the look of the outfit they are wearing and the wearer's posture, self-confidence, and even mood. It is high time now that we consider women innerwear as crucial as her outerwear options.

A critical mistake that most women are guilty of is sticking to one bra size since they hit adulthood. However, as your body structure, inches, and weight change as the years pass, so does your bra. Thus, it is important to reexamine your bras and see how your wardrobe looks more attractive and feels more comfortable. Right size lingerie makes more difference to the look and feels of your outfits than you can imagine. Thus, it is important to bust the myths around lingerie and highlight the facts.

This blog highlights the mistakes, myths, and facts about bras.

Your body is constantly changing.

Whether you are working from home or have shifted to the office; you are eating healthy or not; childbirth, pregnancy; age issues; and plenty of other reasons result in fluctuating weight. It is impossible to say that your weight is always constant.

Your boob size does not change.

As established in the previous point, constant weight is a myth, and the same boob size for years is an even bigger myth. Most women decide their size from their initial teen days, and there are 100% chances that this size will not be the correct one for the rest of their life. Many consider buying regular or sexy bras in India a task, thanks to the numerous things you need to consider to land on the right bra. However, your boobs are not just a combination of a number and word that, once established, does not need to be considered again. It is a scientific fact, like our other body parts, our breasts change in shape, density, and size.

Moreover, the way a new bra fits is hugely different from how a used one does. So, consider this fact while deciding whether a bra is the right fit.

Women innerwear is not essential like the outerwear

This is one of the most dangerous myths a woman can have. In reality, your lingerie is the hero capable of breaking a stunning ensemble or enhancing the beauty of a mediocre look. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of the right lingerie.

Sexy lingerie is only for sex.

No, my lady, if you wear sexy lingerie only for the action with your partner, you are missing one of the most significant advantages of wearing a sexy bra and panty sets. Hot lingerie makes the wearer feel confident, and lifts the mood, and limiting its use to just sex is a crime!

Washing women innerwear like other apparel

Women innerwear is the most delicate piece of clothing we own, and washing and drying them like other apparel reduces their elasticity and longevity. The right way to wash them is only by hand washing. However, if you find yourself unable to do this, machine wash can do it by using a lingerie bag. Place your innerwear in this bag, zip it and then wash them in a machine. Also, do not dry your innerwear directly under the sun as it will harm its colour.

Noticing a little side boob is fine.

No, it is not acceptable! We all know boob spillage indicates that the cups are smaller, and the bra is a misfit. However, a little fluff near the underarms also spills boobs and points the bra a misfit.

Sexy bras cannot be comfortable.

A common assumption is that regular is comfy, and sexy is just sexy! If you shop for women innerwear from the right brand, this is a wrong notion. Some brands sell lacy lingerie as comfortable as the regular ones; you only need to find those brands.

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Only consider straps and belt while deciding on a bra

Undoubtedly, the straps and the belt in a bra are crucial but not the only parameters to consider while deciding whether a bra is right or wrong. The center gore is another critical area of a bra. This is the area that connects the cups, and if it does not track the cleavage properly, it is a misfit.


Finally, choose your bra wisely, shunning all the misconceptions. Hop on to Billebon for the most affordable bra panty set for bridal in India.