Bow Ties for Men and Other Gifts to Make His Birthday Special!

Birthdays are special in every sense, and you should never leave a chance to make it more special for your partner. Love is all about effort, and gifts are a good way to reflect your feelings towards someone. Everyone loves gifts, and there is nothing worldly to it; that is just human nature. A woman should pamper her partner as much as she expects to be pampered. If you want to be his queen, treat him like a king. This blog brings you a list of gifts such as neck pillows, gaming devices, bow ties for men, and many other things.

Billebon always encourages gender equality; no man should feel powerful because of his gender, while no woman should take unfair advantage of hers. We are not just another lingerie brand but want to make our products unique and affordable, bringing good quality products in every pocket's range. Likewise, our blogs are not only a medium for endorsing our products, but a majority of our blogs discuss topics such as menstruation, sex, breast cancer, and other issues that are not discussed openly.

However, this blog belongs to the fun segment, and here are some of the most pragmatic and useful birthday gifting options for your partner.


If your partner is a hardcore reader, what can be a better gifting option than books from his favorite genre or writer that he has been eyeing for a long time. If he does not have a kindle, this is an excellent gifting option. If you are not well-acclimated with his taste in books, you can get him gift vouchers from Amazon or offline retailers such as Landmark or Crossword. If you want to enhance this gift further, you can get him a well-organized bookshelf to hold all his books and make his reading section beautiful.

Living his Fantasies

Men think about sex all the while, and their fantasies are unimaginable. However, you can try making some of his fantasies into reality for his birthday special. A few weeks from his birthday, try to have a conversation on this, and if some of his fantasies are realistic, you can make his 12am Birthday wish more special than he could ever imagine. This can include wearing a sexy night dress for women inspired by a porn film or a movie scene he loves or roleplaying, or making out in unconventional places such as kitchen shelves, terraces, or somewhere near the beach.

Neck Pillow for Travelling

This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves travelling or has to travel a lot due to work commitments. A neck pillow for travelling makes sleeping on a congested flight seat, train, or road trip easier. It supports your head without stressing the user's back, neck, or shoulders. A neck pillow for travelling is essential in every traveler's wardrobe for a comfortable journey.

Themed Birthday Party

I know we are talking about gifts, and what can be bigger and better than a surprise birthday party for your man. Also, it need not be a normal house party but should follow a theme close to his heart. It can be anything – his favourite childhood video game, cartoon, superhero, web series, or movie he is obsessed with. Get his near and dear ones, and make sure this is a surprise for him till the last minute.

Bow ties for Men

Like clothing is for women, formal accessories are for men, the more, the merrier. Make an excellent gift if your man has several events lined up where he needs to put on a suit, pocket square, ties, and bow ties for men. However, before getting in this game, assess his wardrobe, see what standard colours he has the most, and make sure your accessories compliment most of the formal clothing in his closet.

A Furry Friend

Before choosing a fur partner for your partner, make sure he is ready for this kind of commitment and responsibility. If yes, this is the right time to share your love with a four-legged friend. Alongside a pet, you can also consider gifting him a small pet house, bedding, cutlery, and other essentials for the new family member.


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Taking Him on a Lingerie Shopping Spree

This might confuse many of your readers; let me explain it. As mentioned earlier, men have fantasies that women can't even think of. Many global surveys suggest that most men fantasise about choosing the sexy night dress for women that their partner should wear. Looking at lingerie in an offline store or stumbling upon ads online turns them on. So, tagging him along for lingerie shopping is a two-way thing. You get to buy; he gets to choose.