Latest tops for women and other gifting options for your lover’s family

When you are in love with someone, everything and everyone near them becomes an integral part of your life and vice versa. Many online articles and blogs suggest gifts and surprises pamper your partner and strengthen your bond with them. However, it is equally important to be in the good books of their family as well, if you are in a serious relationship and marriage is on the cards sooner or later. This blog presents a list of gifting options from the latest tops for women, formal stuff for men, and other unisex gifts for your partner's family.

At Billebon, our blogs are a source of information and entertainment rather than exclusively endorsing our products. We have shed light on issues that concern women but are shied away from open discussions such as vaginal discharge, sex, boob size, and others.

This blog is entertaining, and we guide you to stay in the good books of your to-be in-laws even before marriage. You will thank us later.

Woolens and Thermals for the Grandparents

If your partner is fortunate enough to have their grandparents alive, a substantial part of their childhood is alive. No one knows about your partner, but their grandparents know there are many secrets. So, if you want to get closer to your partner emotionally, befriending their grandparents is the best way. You can get them a pair of thermals or woolens, as in older age, people feel colder than others. If they are fond of reading, you can get them books; if they love music, you can gift them a Caravan.

Fine wine for Dad

You need to be very particular about your impression before your partner's father if you hear wedding bells ringing for you two. The diversity in particular doubles if you are the man seeking his daughter's hand. If he drinks occasionally or has a bar at home, wine or any of his go-to hot drinks can do. You can seek your partner's help here. To enhance the gift further, you can get a customized wooden cask with his name or initials for the bottle. If you want brownie points from their mother, you can add a set of elite glasses to compliment the alcohol.

Smart Gadgets for Anyone who needs them

This is a non-defined department; if you are unsure of any particular family member's gift, a smartphone or a music player is a good option. Whether it is their grandparents, parents, or siblings, a smart gadget can never go wrong.

Neck Pillow for Travelling

This is also a non-specific gifting option; whoever in the family is fond of travelling or travels frequently can benefit from this gift. A neck pillow for travelling is a must-have for comfy travel as it supports the head of the user without straining the back, neck, or shoulders. Whether a flight, train, or road travel, a neck pillow for travelling makes the job easy.

Gadgets and Games for the Brother/s

If your partner has a brother or brothers, irrespective of the age gap between them and you, one thing can strike a chord with boys – games and gadgets. You can get them a play station, an Xbox, or game CDs compatible with their video game unit.

Moreover, if the brother owns a bike and loves riding, you can get them riding gear with a matching helmet. (Looking at the rising fuel prices, petrol can serve as a perfect gift, but let’s not be too practical).

Wellness Essential for Mother and/or Sister/s

Moving on to the exclusive women's section, you can get your partner's mother or sister/s a hamper of skincare and haircare products. If you are a woman gifting stuff to your man's family, this is a cakewalk. However, if you are the man getting things for your lady's family, taking her advice here is the best part rather than gushing things up. If not, wellness essentials and makeup products are also good gifting options. If you are unsure about all these, you can get them to gift vouchers from a good nearby salon.


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Latest Tops for Women for Sister/s

Another excellent gifting option for your partner's mother or sister/s is the latest tops for women. Unlike haircare and skincare products, there is less confusion. Even though the market is flooded with the latest tops for women, choosing a few for them will not be a hassle. Moreover, your partner can help you in getting the right size.


Finally, it is all about the love you have for your partner, and these gifts reflect the same. They need not be super expensive to impress his/her family, but full of efforts to win their hearts.