Maternity Lingerie and Other Gifting Options for a New Mother!

Embracing motherhood is, in every sense, a new life for a woman. It is often said it is a before and an after stage as a woman becomes a mother. I believe bearing a child in your womb, going through all the physical, mental and psychological changes in these months, and still not losing the calm is commendable. When you get the news of a sister or a friend's pregnancy, you first should let them know how proud you are of them as a to-be mother becomes a mother, her world changes, as also the ones near and dear to her. This blog suggests gifting options such as maternity lingerie, play gyms for the kid and other options to show her how happy you are.

No matter the world talks about gender equality, in every walk of life, we see people, both men and women discriminating against women. It is vital that rather than talking about equality to sound cool in our group, let's take a step forward in practising it in reality. Billebon is doing its share, and we celebrate womanhood with our high-end regular and maternity lingerie and tops with affordable price tags. Additionally, we often shed light on topics such as sexless marriage, vaginal care, breast cancer and other issues that concern women but are not openly discussed.

However, this blog focuses on a woman who has newly acquired motherhood, and here are some of the best gifting options to pamper them.

Skincare and Haircare for the mother

Pregnancy and childbirth result in many changes in the mother, which continue for a few months, even after childbirth. The circumstances differ from woman to woman, and while some witness heavy hair loss and thinning, others experience better hair health than before. Similarly, there is irritation around the breast and the stomach. Thus, you can get a hair care or skincare hamper for the new mother after contacting a dermatologist. You can also pack in a stretch mark cream that helps them get rid of those nasty marks on their tummy.

Maternity Lingerie

There is different lingerie available for pregnant women and women after childbirth. If you are planning to gift her maternity lingerie during her pregnancy, it will be of different sizes and styles. Those pieces will be different if you are planning to give her maternity lingerie after childbirth. Maternity lingerie is sized according to a pregnant woman's constantly changing breast shape and size. On the other hand, a nursing bra is designed especially for breastfeeding with ease even while wearing a bra. Thus, a pregnant woman or a new mother is often advised to replace her regular pieces with maternity lingerie.

Matching Quilts for the Baby and the mother

Twinning is the thing, and when everyone is obsessing over this trend, why should a mother and her newborn stay away from it? Many online and offline stores sell matching quilts for the baby and the mother. You can get her these and make her twin with her baby. You can also get high-end bedding for the baby, because that is what mothers are about – a gift to their baby is dearer than a gift given to them.

Massage sessions

As mentioned earlier, pregnancy results in numerous physical changes that multiply after childbirth, whether it is a C-section or a normal delivery. Thus, you can get her a massage session booked from a well-trained expert who specifically works with new mothers. This is a perfect way to tell her how much you love and care about her.

Hamper of essential oils

Before getting her a hamper of essential oils, ensure they are perfect for her skin type. If you could get a word from a dermatologist, that can be the best. Essential oils are good for hair and skin, some are advised for relaxation, and others help you sleep faster. Thus, you can get her a customized hamper of essential oils according to her needs.


A mother is obsessed with her children no matter how old they are, which is a common trait for all women worldwide. Gifting her a journal on the day her baby was born gives her a chance to note down every new advancement that the baby makes, and trust me after a year, your gift will be one of the most loved gifts as it has a complete account of her baby's everyday life.

Polaroid camera

Do you even need to ask why a new mother needs a polaroid camera? She is going to flood her phone, her husband's phone and every other phone around her with snaps of her baby. A polaroid camera will not only capture the memory but will instantly give her a picture in hand. This can be placed in a journal or a personal photo album she maintains of her baby.


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Maternity Nightwear

Once you are a mother, comfortable nightwear is everything, especially for a new mother. Maternity nightwear is specifically designed for new moms considering their need for comfort, breathable fabrics, and nursing duty.