Beat the Heat without the Carbonated Drinks!

While reading this blog, you are either fidgeting with the AC remote or planning to eat or drink something that will help you beat the scorching summer heat. Summer in many parts of India is a dreaded season. Owing to the high-temperature ladder, it climbs as the season gets intense. People consume drinks and food that soothe the heat no matter how small the duration is. Even individuals who otherwise stress fitness and consume only healthy stuff fall prey to unhealthy cold drinks.

Summer also brings vacations for families with kids. On the one hand, you are working out to look fit in a hot dress for women or a classy attire for men. On the other hand, you consume drinks packed with soda, preservatives, artificial flavours and sugar. Will you ever reach your fitness goal?

This blog brings to you 10 excellent drinks that beat the heat minus the carbonated drinks. Also, we have made sure the ingredients for these drinks are readily available in every kitchen and come without high price tags.

Aam Panna

Drooling over the name already? Aam Panna is a Maharashtrian drink made from raw mangoes. The concentrated Aam Panna is prepared by blending pulp extracted from partially ripened mangoes with cumin seeds and mint leaves. You can add sugar or skip it if you want the drink to be completely healthy. Store this pulp in a refrigerator and mix it with cold water whenever you want to indulge in the raw taste of mango. This drink does not only help you in soothing but also provides energy amidst the sunny days.


Jaljeera is a simple mixture of cumin seeds (jeera) and water. Roasted cumin seeds are crushed to powder and then mixed with water. You can also add mint leaves, lemon drops and black salt to enhance the taste of your Jaljeera. A glass of jaljeera made from cold water and ice cubes is the best way to keep your body cool and enhance digestion.

Sattu Sharbat

This is a desi summer drink for you straight from every kitchen in Bihar. It keeps the body cool no matter how harsh the sun is outside. It is refreshing, keeps your tummy full and is easy to make. You only need sattu flour, sugar and water for this drink. You can replace white sugar with jaggery powder or other natural sugar.


This is a must-have cooling drink for all the fitness freaks out there. Buttermilk is made by churning curd to liquid. The sour version is buttermilk, which adds cumin powder and mint leaves. Buttermilk is good for digestion. The sweet lassi is the less healthy version, where the curd is churned with sugar. Lassi might be less healthy than buttermilk but is better any day than any other carbonated drink.

Coconut Water

Nothing can compete with the naturally cool and sweet coconut water to keep the summer blues at bay. It also serves as an electrolyte, so coconut water can come to your rescue when you feel dehydrated.

Sugarcane Juice

You cannot extract juice from the sugarcane directly at home unless you have a suitable machine. However, it is readily available in every market. You can grab a glass from the juice vendor when the heat takes a toll on your body. Adding mint leaves enhances the taste of the drink. Sugarcane juice works like an energy drink and helps combat dullness and dehydration by building plasma and body fluids.

Barley Water

You can quickly get a bottle of concentrated barley water at the market. You can add ice cubes, water and a portion of this concentrated barley blend and your chilled barley water is ready.

However, if you want to prepare the complete drink at home, you need pearl barley, salt, lemon, honey and water.

Barley water is an ancient remedy for good health. It soothes the body, betters digestion and keeps the urinary tract clean.

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Nimbu Paani

Nimbu Paani is prepared in every Indian household even though it is called by different names. In some places, it is Shikanji; some call it Nimbu Paani, and some call it home-made lemonade. It is made from the simplest ingredients such as lemon, water, salt, sugar and black pepper. You can ice cubes for the extra cooling effect and spices such as cumin powder, rock salt, chaat masala and mint leaves for a more tangy, savoury flavour. If you want a healthy version of the drink, skip the sugar.

A glass of lukewarm water in the morning with a few drops of lemon and honey is one of the best fat-cutting drinks. 


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