Answering All the Common Questions Related to Tie and Pocket Square, and Accessories for Men in General!

In the world of fashion both nationally and internationally, women enjoy more focus than men. When it comes to menswear in general, there are fewer options than women whether it is casualwear, formalwear or ethnic wear. If this is the scenario with clothing, you can imagine what it is with men’s accessories. Though men's formal accessories are coming to the forefront now, still many men consider tie and pocket square as items that only are useful for men who have frequent meetings or events to attend. However, this is not the case, and every man after a specific age should at least have the basic accessories for men like ties, bows, pocket squares, watches, belts and others.

Now that we have cleared the assumption that only to-be grooms and businessmen need to own formal accessories, let's answer some general questions that men often come across when they buy a bow tie online or offline, or any other formal accessory.


Which are the right occasions to wear a tie and pocket square?

There are numerous occasions which present an opportunity for men to dress formally. Some of these occasions are:

  • School and College Farewells
  • Freshers and Orientation events
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Job Interviews
  • Meetings and Conferences
  • Wedding Reception (Your own and other close family and friend’s)


Should I stick with red, blue and black only when it comes to bows, ties and pocket squares?

This is a situational question, and I would like to answer from two different perspectives. If you are a beginner, and have not experimented much with formal clothing and accessories, playing with safe colours such as black, blue and red is advisable. When you are unsure as to which colours suit you better, going with the classic ones is the best option.

On the other hand, when you have been wearing and experimenting with formal clothing and accessories for a long time, you need not stick with the basic colours and monotone, and mix and match the prints and off-beat shades that you like.

In a nutshell, at the beginner level sticking to the basics is a better option than going all the way out with unconventional prints and colours.


Should a tie and pocket square always match each other?

Yes, a tie and pocket square should always compliment each other. Here, matching does not mean inch to inch copy, but a major part of the duo should have similarities.

For example, a navy-blue tie printed or plain goes well with a plain or printed navy-blue pocket square. You can either go with a plain-plain, printed-printed, or a plain-printed combination in the same shade of navy blue. Also, when you are wearing a printed tie and pocket square, make sure that they have the same prints.


Does wearing a tie and pocket square make you look overly dressed?

One question that men often come across is whether an occasion where they are required to dress formally also qualifies to add on accessories such as bow, tie and pocket square.

Firstly, fashion has no rules, and what your heart desires defines fashion. There is no mandate that when you are dressed formally, you need to add a bow, tie and pocket square if you do not wish to. Similarly, if you want to step up your formal game irrespective of how grand or mediocre an occasion is, you can add in as many formal accessories as you want.

Can formal accessories be paired with casual wear?

Yes, formal accessories can be effortlessly paired with casual wear. However, while doing this you need to put forward your best fashion and styling tips, to not end as a disaster.

You can pair plain casual shirts with printed slim ties or bows, funky shirts with beach shorts and plain bows, and leather belts which count as formal wear go equally well with any casual attire as well.

Thus, if you have that fashionista in you, show him off with fusing formal accessories and casualwear together.


Should I buy a bow tie online or offline?

This is a tricky one, and a completely on-your-face question. It depends on your preference, if you are more comfortable shopping online, than shop online, and if not, shop offline. Whether you buy a bow tie online or offline, make sure that it is crafted from top-notch fabric and complements as many outfits as possible.


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Which is the best place to buy ties in India?

There are many online and offline stores in India that sell formal accessories for men. However, some of them are extremely expensive and out of the reach of a majority of men’s pockets. There are also tons of brands selling cheap bows, ties and pocket squares at inexpensive prices.

At Billebon, we offer you a wide range of formal accessories for men with an eclectic variety of colours, prints and patterns to choose from. These pieces are crafted from high-end quality fabric and come with an affordable price tag. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that Billebon qualifies as the best place to buy ties in India.