Work with your 2-piece nighty for women and seduce your man!

Sexless marriages have been a growing problem in India lately. Most of these sexless marriages are not because of any medical problems but because either the wife or the husband or maybe both the partners lose interest in being intimate with each other. There are several reasons for this such as professional or personal responsibilities, stress, overworking, kids, and many others.

In our last blog, we highlighted simple tips that will help you seduce your man and you can revive your bedroom life again.


At Billebon, we thoroughly want to help the women community in whichever way possible. Thus, we make sure our blogs talk about everything that is important to women. We understand what a woman might be going through when her marriage misses the physical charm.

Here are some more tips that will help you in making him drool over you all over again.



Seduction does not always have to be complicated, it can be as simple as possible and yet can work wonders you can never imagine. He is in the bedroom reading a book, sending mails, or doing whatever he wants. You go there, remove your clothes, then strip your bra and panties off. Do not let him know you are doing this intentionally, and see how he roams around you.

Ignite and leave

Do all your foreplay acts that he loves and fulfill all his desires, and excuse yourself before the final act. As I said, this is the art of seduction – make a crave for what he wants.

Unexpected Showers

Shower sex is the hottest of them all, and more so when it comes unexpected. Sneak in the bathroom when he is showering and least expecting you. When things happen unexpectedly, the ignition is higher.

Let him smell you

Let him smell you

Leave one of your sexy tops, or a bra panty set, or a 2-piece night dress for women that you often wear on the bed. Spray it with the perfume you often wear, and make sure to keep it on that part of the bed where he can easily see it. Let him smell you in your absence and spark his imagination.

Be the mood-setter

Be the mood-setter

Dim the lights of your room, throw some rose petals on the bed, play some soft romantic music in the background, cook his favorite dinner, serve him some wine, wear a sexy LBD. In short, set the mood right for the night. It surely sounds like a lot of work, but worth it if you get a night full of love and passion.

romantic getaway

A romantic getaway

If you know the reason for his lost interest in lovemaking is his professional commitments or work pressure, surprise him with a romantic weekend getaway – just you and him. If your kids are grown up enough to stay with your or his parents, do not tag them along. Seduction is not just about the body but about the mind as well. Once the stress leaves his mind, he probably will be the one seducing you.

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